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After 13 years with Southern Cross Austereo Hamish & Andy have announced that they will quit radio at the end of 2017, to focus on television.

They made the announcement at the end of their final show for the year this afternoon in Byron Bay.

Hamish said:

“It’s a funny thing to call it a year out, it feels a bit like we’re making a big deal about dessert when we haven’t finished eating our entrees yet.

For whatever reason there’s so much speculation about whether we’re leaving radio.

This has been the first time we’ve known for sure what we want to do. So we wanted to let our listeners know so they can come on the ride together and it can be a really fun celebratory year and we can go out with a bang.

“We’ve never loved doing radio as much as we love doing it now. That’s a perfect time to end — we’re not ending tomorrow, we’ve still got another full year, we can really savour it. 

We’re not saying we’ll never return, but this will be our last radio year for some time”.

Andy added:

“In light of new TV arrangements we were actually thinking of finishing up this year, but we are having so much fun so it seemed crazy to stop”

Despite doing radio in 2017, the duo will have plenty of television exposure next year, with a new TV show in production, and Hamish acting in a drama program ‘The Wrong Girl’.

Hit Network’s Head of Content Gemma Fordham said:

“2017 will be a celebratory year for Hamish and Andy. The Hit Network has been their home for 13 glorious years and we look forward to jumping back into the archives and reliving the magic that has made them household names and the country’s unrivalled radio duet.

They are working on a ‘10 Years in 10 Weeks’ special that will be mandatory listening for their fans, who have made them Australia’s number one FM drive show. No doubt the boys have plenty of other surprises left for us across all of next year and they know The Hit Network will always be their radio home!”

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