Whooshkaa and Facebook partner in World First

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Australian podcaster platform Whooshkaa, has partnered with Facebook to become the world’s first podcasting platform to use the social network’s new audio sharing technology.

The tech will allow Facebook users to listen to podcasts hosted by Whooshkaa as they scroll through their feeds.

“After months working with Facebook, we’re delighted to be the world’s first podcasting platform to take advantage of this new audio sharing technology, joining the likes of Spotify and the United States’ National Public Radio (NPR One),”said Whooshkaa Founder Rob Loewenthal.

Facebook users will now be able to control podcasts’ through a minimised player nestled into the corner of the screen as they continue to scroll through their feed. The feature is currently only available for podcasts hosted by Whooshkaa and will be rolled out across the week for all IOS users.

Launched in January, Whooshkaa is free platform providing podcasters with hosting and ad injection technology, advanced listener analytics and an advertising network connecting companies and brands with podcasters.

It enables popular bloggers and podcasters to monetise their talent on a large scale by injecting advertising into their audio shows. Podcasters receive the lion’s share of net advertising revenue generated by their show.

Whooshkaa’s platform already hosts podcasts for partners including News Corps’ The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and The Courier Mail, Sky News, Fox Sports, and many other international, independent and celebrity broadcasters and podcasters. The National Rugby League will begin podcasting next month for the Women in League round and local media industry podcast the Kontented Kollective starts this week.

This new feature will nurture the growth of podcasting and on-demand audio worldwide. Listeners love podcasts because they are absorbing, intimate and compatible with driving, exercise or working,” Loewenthal said.

“Podcast listeners have had addictive experiences such as Serial, Start Up, The Australian’s Bowraville podcast and TED Radio Hour. They are constantly searching for the next great show.

“Word of mouth is the most highly-valued source of great audio recommendation and the Whooshkaa/Facebook combination now allows listeners to sample shows without interrupting their Facebook experience.

“Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is already the major promotional platform for many podcasters and I really believe this type of innovation, around improved social media discovery, will drive podcasting to new heights and provide the clearest path to new listeners.”


Whooshkaa’s Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Smith said new technology was about to make sharing even easier.

Previously, podcasts have not translated into easily shareable short form content,” Smith said.

“Later this week Whooshkaa will introduce a new Highlights feature enabling podcasters to select and share short clips of their audio.

“The combination of Highlights and our partnership with Facebook will help push the boundaries of how podcasts are discovered and consumed.”

Earlier this year in another world first Whooshkaa introduced advanced analytics for podcasters, measuring the amount of time spent listening to individual podcasts.

“Advertisers are taking notice,”Loewenthal said. “Our platform provides podcasters and advertisers with detailed data about listener locations and preferences, allowing  accurate targeting.  Whooshkaa also provides content marketing opportunities for advertisers looking to engage high profile influencers and podcasters.”



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