RIP Max Rowley


Australian broadcasting has lost a legend in Max Rowley, following his death at the age of 87.

A host of big industry names including Rob Duckworth and Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones got their start Max Rowley Media Academy in Sydney, which first began training radio talent in 1962.

Max himself got his professional radio start during the closing years of broadcasting’s ‘golden age’ of radio drama, appearing in many classic radio serials and working consistently with Grace Gibson, Artransa, 2UE, 2GB, 2UW, AWA and ABC Radio.

On TV he was best known for his voiceovers, which always ended with the tag “Max Rowley speaking.”

Max studied Shakespeare and mastered all British and foreign dialects early in his training.

His funeral service will be held at 2pm next Wednesday, May 8th, at St Thomas Church, North Sydney.

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Adam Connelly
4 May 2024 - 9:46 am

A gentle, kind and generous man.
How many people have lives in this wonderful industry because of spending time with Max?
He changed the course of my life and I will be forever grateful.
What a life?

Ben Wright
4 May 2024 - 9:58 am

Max was my teacher and mentor from 2000-2002. He taught me more than vocal training. He helped me immensely in believing in myself. After years away from the industry, and now coming back to radio, it’s thanks to Max that my belief I can make the return is possible. Max, you are brilliant.

Jason McLean
4 May 2024 - 1:08 pm

I was 17 and straight out of school when I went to Uncle Max’s. Such a great man. I got in trouble a few times but he stuck by me. Used to drive me home after classes too. He trained so many people that became great radio and TV talents. He’s had a great life….I’ll never forget him.

Tim Stanford
4 May 2024 - 8:47 pm

Thank you Max.

Sue Fernandez
5 May 2024 - 4:27 pm

Max was like no other. Studying with him for 3 years, I saw people arrive at the studio and like me, by the end of term one, hear what a difference he helped us make. It never failed to blow me away. I could go on and on about life at the Academy 2MRMA. Met some fantastic people who I have seen go one to make very successful media careers.

Paul Harradine
5 May 2024 - 7:41 pm

After the MRMA, where do people go to get the same personalised experience?
Remembering Max very fondly for his guidance and encouragement.
Excellent mentor RIP.

Dasha Soto
5 May 2024 - 7:43 pm

He was the most beautiful grandpa to me & my cousins, we loved him dearly and were all loved so dearly back. He was the sweetest, kindest, most caring man I’ve ever met, & probably ever will. My whole family is deeply, deeply saddened by his passing. Our hearts have been shattered into a million irreparable pieces. We send all our condolences to the many other people who were close to him, and anyone who loved him are welcome to come to his funeral on Wednesday the 8th of May 2024.

Dasha Soto
5 May 2024 - 8:18 pm

The last thing he ever did as we told stories by his bed in ICU was laugh. He laughed. On his deathbed, he laughed. He never stopped being genuine Grandad. He was the sweetest, most loving great grandpa to his great granddaughter Salem, and she absolutely loved him back. Our lives will never be the same. It was such a blessing to have him in our lives. He really was the most special man. Thank you Grandad for touching our lives in such a way. You truly were loved by all of Australia, but especially us, your family. We all cherished you more than you could ever know.

Robbie Venditti
6 May 2024 - 7:57 am

Max…….tell us all about him. (Perfect Match). P.S. Rest peacefully always, Mr.Rolle.

Mike Connors
6 May 2024 - 8:54 am

It doesn’t surprise me that the last thing Max did on Earth was laugh. He was always laughing and had a very positive attitude to life. I went to his radio school in 1970/71. Back then there was no AFTRS. Max was training people to get their first job in the radio industry from a small makeshift studio he set up in an upstairs office in the heart of Sydney. And, again, back then you had to go anywhere in Australia. Kalgoorlie, Longreach, Gunnedah, Young, Strahan(look it up) etc to get into the industry. Max must’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands, obtain their first job in the industry he loved. Those people have gone on to be some of the best in their field of announcing, programming, sales and management. Max was also always keen to know how his former students progressed and was very proud of all of them. We couldn’t have done it without you Max!

To the best of my knowledge Max has never been honoured by FARB, as it was then, or Commercial Radio Australia for the work he did in providing the radio stations right across Australia with the “ready to go on-air” talent for so many years. If that’s correct, it’s a shame. So many country/regional stations owe him a lot.

Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Max.

6 May 2024 - 4:33 pm

Max trained my late husband in early 70’s Wagga Wagga Townsville then 2SM in Sydney was a friend as well.He & his wife came to our wedding..

6 May 2024 - 8:45 pm

Very sad to hear of the passing of Max. He was just the best. There was no one quite like him and he was such a character. He just kept at you until you got it right and those tapes…. so many tapes – it was a formula that worked. Those Christmas parties at Chinese restaurants. There were many good times and he encouraged everyone and was a kind soul to all that knew him. He will be missed and thinking of his lovely wife and family during this very difficult time. Nikifirewall. Niki

Brad Donaldson
6 May 2024 - 9:31 pm

Max… A gentle man, I remember in Radio School. He always smiled and it shone through in all his work. One of the greats of broadcasting.
Never be another like Max

Christian Andrew Bischoff
7 May 2024 - 1:30 pm

Will there be live streaming of his service today

Peter Brandtman
8 May 2024 - 10:05 am

Went to Max’s school in 1976 with the likes of Trevor Sinclair, Frank Movizio, Kevin Blyton , Rob Duckworth, Terry Daniel, Paul Cashmere and Mike Larkin. Great memories ………Vale Max

9 May 2024 - 2:22 pm

Thank you Max for your mentorship and guidance all those years ago.


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