New data reveals our favourite podcast genres


Ahead of International Podcast Day this weekend, latest data from YouGov Profiles shows a majority of Australians now listen to podcasts.

One in five of us says we listen to a podcast at least once a week (20%), followed by one in six (16%) who do so at least once a day.

Podcast listening is concentrated among younger Australians with 27% of those aged 25-34 listening at least once a day and 33% listening at least once a week.

Music (29%) is the top podcast genre amongst those who listen to podcasts followed by news & politics (17%) and comedy (14%) in second and third place.

The data also shows that among the various podcast service providers, around a quarter of Australians who listen to podcasts use Spotify to do so (24%). That is followed by YouTube (21%) and Apple podcasts (13%).


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