Milestone ep and new home for Somehow Related podcast


Fan favourite comedy podcast Somehow Related has marked its 300th episode this week, celebrating at its new home, 9Podcasts.

Hosted by comedians Glenn Robbins and Dave O’Neil, Somehow Related is the show that proves even the most seemingly random subjects are in fact related – somehow.

Ever wondered if there’s a secret connection between the Nazi regime and Fanta; the Italian Republic and bright red underpants, or even greyhounds and The Bible? Well, wonder no more.

In each episode, Robbins and O’Neill cycle through what they know about the topics, reminisce, sometimes call on help from friends and indulge with a little thinking music before giving it all to guess the link.

Robbins says “Along with our trusty sidekick Sam, every episode is a journey of discovery where we uncover fascinating facts and nuggets of knowledge that will, if nothing else, arm you with something interesting to say when things go quiet at your next dinner party.”

O’Neil says “Sure, we might talk about ourselves more than the topic, and sure, we might drop the odd inappropriate joke, and sure, we might even reenact historical moments with questionable accuracy – but don’t hold it against us, we’re giving it our best shot.”

Somehow Related is produced in partnership with 9Podcasts and Nearly Media. It’s available wherever you get your podcasts.

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