Jackie O gifts Kyle a K&J broadcast bus


Ahead of Kyle & Jackie O’s April 29 launch in Melbourne, Jackie O has surprised Kyle with their very own KIIS bus, transforming it into a portable broadcast studio.

In revealing the surprise to Kyle on air, Jackie said “You know how you were banging on last year that you really wanted the Kyle & Jackie O bus to take around when we go to Melbourne and go to events? A broadcastable bus?”

Kyle replied “This was after we lost the limo, I wanted to kick it up a notch. A giant bus, not some shitty little thing full of grannies going to the pokies. I wanted a big, monster bus.”

Jackie O said “Well, it is coming!”

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Anthony The Koala
19 Apr 2024 - 3:34 pm

This is not a criticism of fitting out an OB van for one program.

If not for the artwork for promoting the Kyle and Jackie O show, I fail to see how the entity ARN will amortise the cost for a bus for one show?

OB vans cost a lot of money to fit out.

Less than 10 years ago an experienced radio veteran and business partner built an OB van with the latest digital equipment for over $100000. There was no fancy artwork. It was an MB van.

The OB van was named in honour of Elettra Marconi, daughter of Guglielmo Marconi, one of the inventors of radio.

I haven’t heard any more news about this van.

Similarly, a cigarette company in the 1970s had an OB van for Special Events TV broadcasts.

Haven’t heard of that van any more.

Today, OB vans owned by individual TV and radio networks are passe.

OB events are outsourced by NEP, formerly Global TV.

In conclusion, I doubt that an OB coach promoting a show will generate extra listeners

Kyle and Jackie O’s program worked on their own efforts in Sydney without the extra promotional OB van.

Thank you
Anthony, Strathfield South in the land of the Wangal and Darug People’s of the Eora Nation


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