DAB+ Ratings: ARN’s 90s stations make biggest gains, but Coles Radio still dominates

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ARN’s digital radio stations broadcasting ’90s tunes were the big winners this survey, gaining 56,000 listeners compared to last survey.

The city with the biggest surge in listening for 90s tunes was Sydney, with KIIS 90s up 30,000 listners to a cumulative audience of 92,000. This put if on par with Double J (up 50,000 to 92,000), and just behind Coles Radio, which was up 30,000 to 99,000.

In Melbourne, KIIS 90s was up 14,000 to 74,000.

In Brisbane, the station is branded as 97.3 The 90s. There, it climbed 8,000 to 49,000, while in Adelaide Mix 90s was up 4,000 to 16,000.

This put ARN’s 90s stations at a total of 238,000, an increase of 56,000 from last survey. ARN does not broadcast a 90s DAB+ station into Perth.

Double J also made impressive gains this survey, up a total of 44,000 across the board. Its 50,000 increase in Sydney was somewhat undone by drops of 12,000 and 5,000 in Melbourne and Perth respectively.

Overall, DAB listening was up across the board, with Sydney increasing by 181,000, Melbourne by 88,000, Adelaide by 30,000 and Brisbane by 19,000. Perth’s slight decline of 10,000 put the total five-city increase at 308,000.


#1: KIIS 90s (99,000)
#2: Coles Radio (92,000)
#2: Double J (92,000

Biggest gain: Double J (up 50,000)
Biggest fall: Nova 10s (down 14,000)


#1: Coles Radio (89,000)
#2: smooth relax (82,000)
#2: GOLD 80s (82,000)

Biggest gain: GOLD 80s (up 23,000)
Biggest fall: Urban Hits (down 19,000)


#1: Coles Radio (53,000)
#2: 97.3 The 90s (49,000)
#3: 97.3 The 80s (46,000)

Biggest gain: Nova 90s (up 18,000)
Biggest fall: Coles Radio (down 13,000)


#1: Coles Radio (23,000)
#2: Double J (18,000)
#3: Old Skool 90s Hits (17,000)

Biggest gain: Coles Radio (up 6,000)
Biggest fall: Triple M Hard N Heavy (down 3,000)


#1: smooth (34,000)
#2: 96FM 80s (31,000)
#3: Double J (29,000)

Biggest gain: Triple M 90s (up 6,000)
Biggest fall: My Perth DAB Radio (down 7,000)



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2 Sep 2021 - 11:40 am

KIIS 90’s DAB station almost has as many listeners as 2DAYFM.

2 Sep 2021 - 5:00 pm

Hi Viv and team – would love to know how X Digital in Perth remains listed in the ratings despite it having ceased broadcasting back in March?

Really calls into question the integrity of the ratings if a non-existent station has 5,000 cume…

    2 Sep 2021 - 5:07 pm

    Hi Jake,

    Interesting question – let me look into it.

    I’ll come back to you if I find any answers.



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