An important word from the Prime Minister…

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Tomorrow, triple j's Tom & Alex will broadcast their last ever show from the ABC bunker.

The Mayan's predicted it, Dr Karl, and now the PM, have confirmed it – so triple j believe it must be true – the world is about to end.

They will be joined in the bunker by comedian Tim Minchin, who will perform the final Like A Version of all time, a Children’s Choir, and "a bunch of carefully selected triple j listeners who will be used as baby incubators and/or food to help in the human race’s survival."

Meanwhile Neil Mitchell has spoken about the PM's video on 3AW:

”I'm sure it's meant for the best intentions, but….is it demeaning to the office to be doing something quite as silly as that, particularly when it's presented in quite a serious fashion. I'm seeing the Prime Minister there standing in a Prime Ministerial pose, the Australian flag, Prime Ministerial podium, announcing the end of the world"

"As she gets towards the end of it it's clearly silly. People wouldn't take it seriously, I would hope. There are people I know disturbed by this."

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