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April 1st, a time when some try to prank their listeners or On-Air partners. If you nailed an April Fools Day stunt, let us know.

Star FM Dubbo’s Chris & Juelz who, with the help of thier Deputy Mayor closed down the main street. KIIS 1065   with Jackie O saying “Kyle you’re an assshole!”  as she got done a beauty.

The Triple M Grill Team lost some serious weight with their new billboards that launched across Sydney. Gus Worland was done over by Matty & MG bigtime.

WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda had a “Nexgen not working moment”. Power FM had Ed Sheeran performing in Nowra. hit105 had some talent changes on their Facebook page and lots of balls for Abby. CK & Josh at 106.3 Townsville got their sister station Zinc 100.7 good.

Wave FM Wollongong gave away new Toy-Yoda’s.  From NZ, ZM breakfast team Fletch, Vaughan and Megan played a prank on the drive team of Jase and PJ. 

In Central Queensland, Browny at HOT FM had a go at SEA FM plus on their breakfast show got a music star announce he was quitting at the end of the year. 

ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan and Megan absolutely nailed the drive team of Jase and PJ this morning. Jase and PJ got the call to say that they were sick and couldn’t do the rest of their breakfast show. So Jase and PJ came to the rescue, unknown to them their show was going nowhere. Fletch, Vaughan and Megan were controlling everything, the phone topic callers, even firing off ads and then the $100k giveaway winners were also set-up. Jase (Labby) and PJ had no idea.


Wave FM got behind April Fools day by promising listeners free Toy-yoda’s, said quickly. People thought they were winning a car. Close to 50 cars turned up for the final 8.30 location in the Gong.


93.5 StarFM fooled Dubbo & the Central West this morning, with Deputy Mayor Ben Shields announcing that Darling Street will be permanently closed to traffic following 6 months of roadworks.  


At KIIS 1065, Kyle had Jackie O in tears. Her PA pretended her waters broke,  As Jackie kicked in the SMS came through from Kyle. Jackie was in tears but said “Kyle you’re an asshole”.


Then there was the new KIIS billboard featuring the real Kyle?

Also in Sydney, Matty & MG got Gus Worland good. New billboards popped up around the city saying the “Triple M Grill Team Lost some serious weight”. Gus had been dumped and he let rip asking why he wasn’t on their new billboards.

https://radiotoday.com.au/music/triplemdab2015-04-01 08-32-53.mp3 

Meanwhile, over at WSFM Jonesy & Amanda were having some fun of their own when Nexgen “broke down”.

They had no songs to play and so the call went out for listeners to drop off any CD’s they might have in their car to the station in North Ryde. Peter from Earlwood stopped by to drop off his Wham CD, and even members of the WSFM sales team rustled up some of  their own CD’s which included Sam Moran’s  Colour Of Love and Sade’s The Ultimate Selection.

Yep..on format not.

VIDEO: Saying our music computer had broken down was an April Fools gag, but playing old vinyl records was real! Watch >>>

Posted by WSFM with Jonesy and Amanda on Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Power FM’s Loz and Jack got a “call last night from Warners” saying Ed Sheeran was having a rest in Jervis Bay on his Australian tour. And this morning Ed will be playing in Nowra for an exclusive, money can’t  buy event. It didn’t take their listeners long to work it out.


Something went down with the hit105 Facebook page with Stav but it got a lot better for Abby. Checkout the video below as well.


For April fools CK & Blake from 1063 FM in Townsville thought it was time to cause some mischief with their sister station Zinc 100.7. Their plan, placing four doorbells in different locations around the studio and every time the Zinc team went to air they push the button to see if they could get the Zinc FM team to crack. Crack they did.



Browny from Hot FM Central Queensland made a special promo to play during their sister station Sea FM CQ’s breakfast show with Banksy & Todd. SEA’s listeners could hear conversations with the “real” hosts.

While over on Hot FM’s CQ‘s breakfast show, Browny and EJ had Reece Mastin announce he was quitting music at the end of the year.


If you nailed an April Fools day prank, let us know by emailing [email protected]




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