Survey 2: The breakdown from ARN, Nova and Nine Radio


Enthusiasm, engagement and passion for radio is alive and well, according to Nova Entertainment’s Group Program Director Paul Jackson.

All four of its stations in Sydney and Melbourne saw increases in Survey 2, with Nova retaining the number one spot in Brisbane.

Jackson (pictured above) told Radio Today “We’re very happy. It’s a very strong performance from the whole network.”

He points out the most recent survey results follow different listening patterns over the previous two years.

“Maybe this is the one that got huge engagement and lots of enthusiasm from listeners … there are certain shows with a clue to going “I love that!” because we’re getting huge numbers in a market like Melbourne.”

Jackson says it points to the strength of the medium in a world where we’re being told people aren’t listening to radio as much as they once did.

“We’ve picked up record cumes again. There’s a lot of great shows. Familiar faces.”

“I honestly don’t think I remember in the last eleven years seeing as many cumes this high, and shares this strong in a period when people supposedly listened less.”

ARN’s Chief Content Officer Duncan Campbell is also encouraged by the latest book, telling Radio Today “Obviously (it’s been) a very successful day. 19th number one network in a row. Record cume for the network, best ever cume nationally.”


“I think we’ve seen some surges in some shares. Adelaide breakfast for example was a big mover.”

He describes the results as “a successful book for ARN, but impacted by heavy marketing from SCA and Nova.”

Nine Radio’s Head of Content Greg Byrnes tells Radio Today Survey 2 was “a wonderful day for us.”

Sydney’s 2GB and Melbourne’s 3AW both increased their position as the No. 1 stations in the market.

Byrnes is also satisfied with how 4BC Brisbane and 6PR Perth are placed.

“(The) cume remains impressive. I think in Perth, peak cume is still up about 200,000. So that’s well ahead of our five year average over there. Across those markets, all formats have had a lot of changes. Two steps forward, one step back.”

“In Brisbane, they’ve done a wonderful job in relation to the floods. Those two markets, they bounce around a lot. You can have good surveys and then quieter surveys, and we know that, and we just look at those five year averages, and year on year, and we’re in the right spot.”

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13 Apr 2022 - 10:00 pm

Jackson just says the same thing over and over again. Never any new insight or language.

Watch next book when they go down again, the down script will be used


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