Soothing sounds: The ‘white noise’ podcasters


When your brain is about to explode from information overload and you need to chill out, where in the podcast world do you go for some calming sounds?

*Cue the sound of crickets*

You might be surprised to learn that some of the biggest podcast hits on Spotify are full of … well … white noise.

Bloomberg reports some podcasters are making $18,000 a month from this new genre, offering nothing but good vibes and soothing static sounds.

These are what are known as the ‘white noise podcasters.’ They produce tranquil, calming programs with names like Deep Sleep Sounds and Best Noise Labs – and they’re making a more than decent living out of it.

Todd Moore – who quit his cybersecurity job to focus on a white noise app – tells Bloomberg his show now gets around 50,000 listens per day and he’s managed to make a full-time gig out of it.

Brandon Reed’s initial interest in the power of white noise stemmed from trying to help his baby son fall asleep. As a result, he came up with 12 Hour Sound Machines, a show filled with hours of static noises.

Now, audiences can’t get enough of it.

Three years on and hundreds of thousands of listens later, the show now regularly appears on Spotify’s ‘most popular’ podcast charts.

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