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Everyone in radio has at least one of those stories, you know, the one's that could only happen in our industry.

Well the below, taken from website Radio DJ Confessions, is a ripper.

If you have any similar stories/confessions you'd like to share that are funny, sad, ridiculous or otherwise – send them to us here. We'll keep you anonymous and everyone can be entertained reading about the things that could only happen in radio.

Author : Anonymous
Source : Radio DJ Confessions

We were doing a promotion for a really popular pop star to come into town for a performance. We knew that this was going to be big since the artist had just released their sophomore album. Like any other promotion we teased it repeatedly on the air and every single day I would get countless children calling me asking for tickets.

Occasionally, I would get moms calling into the radio station to beg me for tickets for their daughters. One day a woman called me up and gave me a sob story how her relationship with her daughter was on the rocks. I don't remember why. She told me she was trying any and everything to mend the situation and had devised a plan to get back on her daughters good side. Her plan was to score tickets to the performance to win her over since her daughter was a die-hard fan.

I told the woman that I needed to be fair to everyone and distribute the tickets normally. She was just going to have to be the right caller at the right time just like everyone else. By this time I had already spent over three minutes on the phone with her and I need to get back to work so I told her I had to end the call.

I hung up the phone and got back to work. It seemed like the listener lines wouldn't stop ringing, all with people wanting the same thing. The next night I picked up the listener line and it was the same woman as the night before. She told me that after we had hung up she tried for the remainder of my airshift to call me back but the phones were all busy. "Since we announced this performance, they haven't stopped ringing so I am not surprised." I told her. She again tried to sway me to giving her tickets for her daughter and I again told her that she was going to have to win them on the air like everyone else. Then the woman says

"I'll sleep with you if you do this for me."

I said "Whoa, I don't do that kind of thing. Besides, I don't even know you."

I told her I respected the fact that she wanted to get some tickets for her kid but she could not offer sex to convince me. She then says…

"You're right, you don't know me but I am dead serious. You get me the tickets, then you can come to my home and I will have sex with you. Once we are finished, we never have to deal or see each other again."

I declined her offer. I told her that I had to get back to work and hung up on her. I thought, what a whore.

The next day I was sitting at my desk doing some show prep when the boss had approached me. "I need to see you in my office." We walked into his office and he had told me that a woman contacted him accusing me of asking for sex in order for me to hook her up with tickets.

"Aw that is some bullshit! That is a lie, I would never jeopardise my career over some dumb shit like that."

My boss gave me the benefit of the doubt but we both knew how serious this situation could get. He told me the woman had also said that she was considering taking the story to the newspaper. I thought if I get accused of this and it winds up in the media I am done. Even if I am proven to be innocent, this sort of thing never goes away and people will always assume that it was true.

My boss asked me what had really happened and I explained the situation to him. I had mentioned that I initially recorded the conversation but later deleted it.

"Wait, a minute. Voxpro keeps audio still on file that has been deleted." YES!

We went to the studio and kicked out the midday jock to begin going through the audio. It did not take long but we finally found it and we both listened. The audio proved that I was telling the truth.

Oh man, that could have ended badly.

We called the woman and my boss informed her that I was also on speakerphone. She started to yell at me accusing that I told her that in order for me to hook her up with tickets that she had to sleep with me. She then told me that she was going to go to the media and get me fired.

"Lady, you're a real bitch. Here, here is proof of our conversation last night because I recorded the whole thing."

I played back the audio. After she heard that she was caught in a lie there was a moment of silence and then she hung up.


Remember, if you have any similar stories/confessions you'd like to share, send them to us here. It will be completely anonymous.

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