Nova’s Brendan Taylor: “Jase & Lauren have a genuine and authentic connection with their audience”


When Lauren Phillips first became acquainted with Jase & Lauren’s new office at Melbourne’s Nova 100, she joked that she didn’t want a desk, just a reclining armchair.

Today – five months after their emotional departure across town from KIIS 101.1 – that seems a very telling metaphor.

Phillips, Jase Hawkins and Clint Stanaway certainly seem to be getting comfy at Nova, if Survey 2 results are anything to go by.

Though it should be noted that the now former brekky team of Ben, Liam & Belle were on air for a good chunk of that ten week survey period, Nova 100 Breakfast jumped from 6.7 to 8.3%.

That’s the biggest increase (in share points) of any Breakfast show in Melbourne.

Nova 100 Breakfast also posted a cume result of 609,000, increasing by 52,000 listeners.

Encouraging as this is for Group Program Director Brendan Taylor, there’s no room for complacency at Nova HQ.

In an interview with our sister publication RadioInfo, Taylor says “The reaction so far has been pleasing, but these types of changes take time, particularly in a market like Melbourne where there is quality competition across the dial.”

“The positive reaction through all our channels has been great to see.”

“Jase & Lauren are a very impressive show that has a genuine and authentic connection with their audience.”

With less than two weeks now until Kyle and Jackie O hit the Melbourne Breakfast airwaves, Taylor believes there’s a silver lining to all the industry chatter they’ve been generating.

“Any attention and talkability for our industry is a good thing in my view,” Taylor says.

“You have to take the positive of people being interested and engaging in our medium.”

So, how to deal with the insurgents?

“There’s always a constant strategy in place across all our stations,” says Taylor.

“Naturally, you course correct depending on the market dynamics and the needs of the audience.”

Taylor doesn’t put much stock in rumours that the KIIS strategy was to deplete its Breakfast audience prior to K & J’s arrival, to ensure they get an uptick in Survey 3.

“I find that very hard to believe. Knowing those involved that certainly isn’t the case.”

Now, with the battle lines drawn, there’s a feeling of optimism about what Jase & Lauren have brought to the table.

“We have a responsibility to provide an entertaining and engaging offering to our audience and commercial partners,” says Taylor. “That is our strategy.”

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Papper Snapper
19 Apr 2024 - 1:04 pm

Could that photo of Brendan Taylor be any more the antithesis of this article (genuine connection)? Try releasing a more relaxed/engaged shot.

Jason, Andrew Toppin from Mubarek Victoria
19 Apr 2024 - 3:02 pm

Agree with Brendan Taylor

20 Apr 2024 - 4:12 am

With all the hype around Jase and Lauren being back on radio the press coverage seems to have missed that Ben, Liam & Belle were on air for almost all of that ten week survey two period. Good on Radio Today for mentioning it. As they were on for 80% of the survey and jumping from 6.7 to 8.3% this really is their survey win. A fine effort for this new young team from Adelaide after less than one year in Melbourne. Nova have backed them and have now given them a go on national drive. They will do well as they’ve done on triple J breakfast and Nova Melbourne and Adelaide breakfast. Young new talent like Ben Liam and Belle deserve continuing support and recognition.

20 Apr 2024 - 8:48 am

BT looking for a job in direct sales by the looks of it.

20 Apr 2024 - 2:53 pm

Wasn’t BT an audio producer?

22 Apr 2024 - 8:29 pm

BT is deciding on the future of what is entertaining? Radio is not in good shape.


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