EXCLUSIVE: Melbourne’s Radio Training Institute to close for good

For many years, the Radio Training Institute in Melbourne has provided countless hundreds the opportunity to ‘get into radio’ under the guidance of experienced industry professionals.

Established in 1984 as the Melbourne Radio School, the ACE Radio Network-owned operation been a launching pad for many, who’ve carved out successful careers in radio.

However, in what’s possibly a reflection of the industry as it stands, the decision has been made to close the doors for good at RTI at the end of June.

RTI general manager Heidi Everett says it was a decision that was neither taken lightly, nor was it “rushed”.

“Many options were explored before the decision was made. But, none were seen to be able to keep RTI running successfully or at a standard that we’d be happy to continue with.”

Despite the decision to close RTI, Everett says it’s been a rewarding experience to help people take their first steps on the radio career path.

“To see students arrive on day one with little to no radio knowledge and to go onto graduate highly skilled, confident and radio ready has been a big part of the reason I have been involved with RTI for 15 years.”

“And while I think the way in which people source information and acquire knowledge is changing, there will continue to be opportunities in radio.”

To that end, the ACE Radio Network has announced plans for a traineeship scheme to identify and nurture home grown radio talent.

Successful applicants will be assigned to various stations within the ACE network, where they can learn a wide variety of skills ‘in-situ’.

ACE CEO Mark Taylor believes that type of training will be of a benefit to those keen on radio and the stations within the ACE network.

“We already have two cadets at different stations, with the plan to increase the intake to several more at any one time”.

“We think this hands-on environment will continue our tradition of developing well rounded employees, who are valuable assets to any radio station”.

The ACE Radio Network recently added four Victorian stations to their existing network, bringing the number of ACE stations to 17 and increasing the potential traineeship opportunities.

More information about the new ACE Traineeship Scheme will follow shortly.

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