PodcastOne unveils two new animal-driven podcasts

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PodcastOne has released two new podcast series, taking a deeper look at the relationships between humans and animals.

The first, Dognitive Therapy, tells of the transformative power of man’s best friend and explores how human emotions and behaviours determine that of the dog.

It is hosted by acclaimed dog behaviourist Laura V.

She shares stories from dog lovers and experts from various walks of life about how dogs gave them purpose, taught them love and gratitude, supported them through enormous grief and rescued them, physically or otherwise.

“I often meet with owners looking for help with emotional or behavioural issues in their dogs, however, after digging a little deeper, what I discover is that the dog’s issue is usually a direct reflection of the owners”, said Laura.

“Most dog training isn’t about the dog at all, it’s about educating humans and helping them understand their own emotional responses which travel down the leash”.

The second new pod is titled We’re all Animals and explores the astounding lengths people go to for the animals they love.

It’s hosted by journalist and animal lover Tracey Preston, who looks at the powerful animal-human bond and demonstrates that we need animals just as much as they need us.

The eight-part feature series sees Aussies share their stories of laying it all on the line, sacrificing relationships, finances and even their homes for the creatures they love.

“I admire the selfless people who have the courage to follow their heart and dedicate their lives to saving and protecting the animals they love,” said Preston.

“I wanted to create a series which shines a light on the unsung heroes of the animal world and shares their amazing tales, and that’s exactly what I’ve done with We’re All Animals”.

Both Podcasts are now available for free via PodcastOne and Apple Podcasts.

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