LiSTNR releases its list of top podcasts for kids this Easter


From stories about the human body to a detective series that investigates killer butterflies and glow worms, LiSTNR has just released the top eight podcasts to entertain the kids this Easter.

LiSTNR is home to a huge line-up of multi-award winning podcasts for children, many produced in association with education providers, scientists and even art galleries, with the aim to engage, educate and entertain kids.

LiSTNR says these podcasts are perfect for car trips, camping, bedtimes, quiet times, giggle times and everything in between.

Here are LiSTNR’S ultimate eight for Easter 2023:

Busy Bodies

The award-winning Busy Bodies with Mr Snotbottom is a hilarious podcast all about the human body.

The Fact Detectives

Meet two curious kids on a mission to find out all the cool facts about, well, EVERYTHING! In this award-winning podcast, hosts Anika and Esther take their very big questions to some very smart grown-ups who know lots of very interesting stuff … like, do killer butterflies really exist? Why do we fart? Did monster kangaroos really hop all over Australia?

Morning Kids

This daily five-minute podcast dips a toe into the world of news in an age-appropriate way, with the goal to contextualise life for little ones, from gently explaining something they may have heard in the news, to what feelings are and why they may be experiencing them.

The Beanies 

The award-winning LiSTNR podcasters and ABC Kids stars, The Beanies, bring a combination of joy, song and education wrapped up in glorious rainbow! Each week, Laura, Mim and Michael share a special new episode – it may be a fun and silly adventure, or a Show and Tell.

Outside The Lines 

What do slimy frogs and freaky snakes have to do with art? How do you make art that you can’t even see? Outside the Lines is a fun and imaginative podcast for kids, hosted by some art-curious kids as they travel across the country to scratch the surface, peek behind the canvas, open the sketchbook, and dive into the creative minds of some of Australia’s most inspiring artists.

Dadtime Story Collection

A podcast featuring some famous dads and uncles reading children’s books, making bedtime a breeze.

Bedtime Explorers

There’s a new season of the children’s meditation podcast, Bedtime Explorers Magic Glasses. The podcast helps children see the world through a positive lens of hope.

Fun Fables

It’s the world’s favourite fairytales, remixed for today’s little dreamers.

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