Jules Lund: are you likeable?

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Jules Lund has just come off stage following his presentation 'are you likeable; maximising social media'.

During his presentation he discussed how "Fifi and Jules" reach 1 million people on line each week, in part because they don't report on content, they create content.

He gave the example of when the show challenged pop group Hanson to cover a Taylor Swift song, which subsequently received 30 million hits worldwide, and was commented on by Taylor Swift. You can see the Hanson cover from the event below;


Jule hot tip was to build and create tribes. He said that building a digital portfolio is challenging as you can become paralysed with digital options, you have to decide which ones you can afford to ignore.

It used to be that social media was used to promote shows, ignite phone conversations and to provide a visual. It was all designed to support the radio show. Jules view was that this didn't work because listeners wanted more and weren't engaging with it.

It was time to start creating content for online. In the past, media controlled the flow of content, these days it's diluted. The consumer now holds the power:

  • Mash finale 106 million viewers
  • Cheers finale 80 million viewers
  • Seinfeld finale 70 million viewers
  • Breaking Bad finale 10 million viewers


Thanks to social media and illegal downloads.

Online will ultimately become the sole source of all content.

Radio has the best chance at creating tribes, we have existing listeners. We create content. We have promotional teams who support us. We find it easy to come up with radio content, so what else can we do with it. 

A case example:

Fifi had a dinner date with Chopper read, which was great radio, but the video generated even more interest, available on line.

Play online games with your audience to tease great content. Before airing the Chopper Read lunch date, we blurred a photo online asking who is Fifi dating.

Reveal it before it airs and ask for captions.

Marketers are trying desperately to humanise their brands. We as radio people already win this battle. We have the advantage in this space.

So what should you post?

  • Heart felt moments
  • Nostalgia
  • Jaw dropping moments
  • Kids and animals
  • What's everyone talking about
  • Creating a community
  • Door way to celebs
  • Feeling closer to the radio hosts


Jules Lund onstage below, picture from Phil Bradley.


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