Jackie O’s single pulled from iTunes due to copyright infringement

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The gloss has been taken off a big week for The Kyle and Jackie O Show, after Jackie’s debut single ‘Honey Money’ was taken down from iTunes today.

The track had gone to #1 on the iTunes Australia pop chart yesterday, with all proceeds from its purchase going to charity, but it has since been pulled due to copyright infringement.

As Jackie O explained on air this morning, the problem wasn’t with the song itself, but with the cover art.

“’Honey Money’ went #1, we now have to take it down,” Jackie revealed to fill-in host Beau Ryan today.

The cover art was the butchered creation of KIIS FM’s Intern Pete, who photoshopped Jackie’s face onto Aussie singer-songwriter Iggy Azalea.

She even had a go at Pete for his role in the bizarre album artwork.

“Intern Pete, god love you, you were just trying to help…

“The cover artwork is horrific,” she said. “It’s my head photoshopped onto someone else’s body.”

“What’s wrong with just me? I’ve got heaps of photos out there. I’ve done a million photo shoots for this station, I have a lot of photos that you could use.

“Anyway, Intern Pete has apparently chosen Iggy Azalea’s body for me to be photoshopped on and that is a copyright infringement and we now have to take it down until we get new artwork,” she said.

The worst part is that when they re-upload the single, those who paid for it the first time would have to pay again. For that reason, Jackie O announced the re-upload would be for a free download.

“So when we put it up again it will now be for free so that the people who did buy it can still have it and anyone else can have it for free.

“This is such a disaster,” she concluded, before pushing listeners to keep donating to Drought Angels.

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14 Sep 2018 - 4:00 pm

You would have thought that someone at the network would understand copyright wouldn’t you?

14 Sep 2018 - 9:57 pm

When is the follow up single called Kyle Come Back To Work going to be released from the highly anticipated album Shambles?


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