KIIS FM’s Jackie O releases debut single ‘Honey Money’

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Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has released her debut single ‘Honey Money’, announcing this morning on The Kyle and Jackie O Show that the song is now available to download via iTunes.

What started with a challenge from on-air partner Kyle Sandilands on KIIS 106.5 has escalated to the full release of the track, which was revealed with the help of Siri.

“As a kid I did a lot of singing and dancing. I’ve been talking about recording a song on air for ages and when Kyle challenged me, Kian one of our Producers and I actually did it,” Jackie O tells Radio Today.

“It was all a bit of a joke actually to start with. When we finished the song I took it home to play to my 7 year old daughter Kitty.

“She is my harshest critic. To my amazement she actually loved it. She was so excited and thought her mum was actually cool and couldn’t wait to play it to her friends at school.”

The song started as a bit of a fun, but with the help of the production team and encouragement from Kyle, it’s now been released in full.

“The song has just been released on iTunes and Apple Music and we’ve decided that all proceeds go towards helping the farmers affected by the drought so hopefully we can raise some money for them,” Jackie added.

The track has already been compared to music by Aussie pop star Iggy Azalea, but Jackie is just happy to have gotten so much support from listeners.

“It started out as just a fantasy, but I’ve been overwhelmed by the support and reaction it’s got from everyone here at KIIS and listeners calling in to say they liked the song.

“It was a collaboration, and whilst I was involved in the song-writing process, I have to give most of the credit to Kian and his team.”

While the song does appear steamy, Jackie says it’s on the same level as some of the racy music on radio at the moment.

“It’s not really anywhere near as suggestive as some of the songs on the radio at the moment. It’s all in good fun and for a great cause.”

Yesterday the song even impressed Aussie country music legend Keith Urban.

After Jackie played the track for him, Urban responded “I’ve found my new ringtone!”

All proceeds from the release of the single will go to Drought Angels. It is now available via iTunes.

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12 Sep 2018 - 9:31 am

Will the Hit network stations and Nova play this song if it’s a hit ?
What about 2DAYFM does it fit the format?
Triple J should give it a run because it benefits the farmers struggling with drought.

12 Sep 2018 - 11:16 am

the challenge for all the other networks play the song and help the farmers. Lets see who has the balls and the style. How about WS giving it a run ?

She is a star
12 Sep 2018 - 4:02 pm

Fantastic!….great dancer too!
Well done to all involved.


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