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Tis' the season for the final annual reports for the various publicly listed radio groups, or for companies associated with radio.

Publicly listed entities in Australia are required to disclose the remuneration of the highest earning key executives. Given that the information is on the public record, let's take a look;

Firstly a couple of background points;

  • ARN is owned by APN, who report on a different cycle, so they have released their half-yearly, not full-year accounts which do not need to disclose executive remuneration. However, the executive salaries of ARN ,as a subsidiary, are not required to be broken out separately.
  • DMG is privately held, therefore that information is not publicly available.
  • Fairfax and Prime Media, whilst operators of radio stations, derive the bulk of their revenue from other media so whilst they are listed, the executive remuneration isn't completely radio-driven.

So to the figures, ranked in earnings order from Southern Cross Austereo, Prime, Fairfax, Macquarie, Pacific Star and MCM Entertainment.


Name Role Company TRP notes
Russell Tate Executive Chairman Macquarie Radio Network 2,423,590



Greg Hywood CEO Fairfax Media 2,019,923



Ian Audsley CEO Prime Media 1,447,874



Rhys Holleran CEO Southern Cross Austereo 1,302,005



Doug Edwards CEO – Television Prime Media 1,199,338



Guy Dobson Director of Metro Radio * Southern Cross Austereo 1,081,096


* for the reporting period, this was Dobson's role.

Brian Cassel CFO Fairfax Media 999,924



Stephen Kelly CFO Southern Cross Austereo 885,122



Gail Hambly Group General Counsel & Company Secretary Fairfax Media 801,424



Craig Bruce Head of Content Southern Cross Austereo 703,260



David Walker Group General Manager – Sales & Marketing Prime Media 543,764



Simon Joyce CEO MCM Entertainment 541,425



Gerry Smith Chief Technology Officer Prime Media 529,689



Lesley Kennedy * CFO Prime Media 513,260

* left Prime 31 July


Rob Loewenthal

Managing Director Macquarie Radio Network 482,977  
Tony McGinn CEO Movideo (MCM Entertainment subsidiary) 480,875



Christopher Maher Director of Strategy & Corporate Development Fairfax Media 476,090



Shane Wood Group General Manager Operations Prime Media 472,428



Michelle Williams General Manager Human Resources Fairfax Media 428,077



Barrie Quick CEO Pacific Star Network 399,775



Mark Noakes Group Sales Director Macquarie Radio 382,598



Andrew Lam-Po-Tang * CIO Fairfax Media 367,361


* started on 2 February.

Jeremy Simpson * National Sales Director Southern Cross Austereo 327,994


* reflects until 23 Feb 2012 when Simpson moved to his new role.

David Hung Group Sales Director Pacific Star Network 294,919



Cameron Moore Chief Technology Officer MCM Entertainment 284,187



Stuart Thomas * Director Legal & Regulatory Affairs Macquarie Radio Network 258,158


* reflects until 31 March of the reporting period.

Michael Burgess * Chief Operating Officer MCM Entertainment 256,674


* reflects until Burgess departure on 27 January.

Ian Holland Program Director 2CH Macquarie Radio Network 255,782



David Kidd * Program Director 2GB & Group Promotions Director Macquarie Radio Network 254,518


* role changed on March 1, this reflects the previous role until that time, and the new role from then.

Mark Johnson Group Program Director Pacific Star Network 184,910



Emma McDonald * General Counsel & Company Secretary Prime Media 177,823


* commenced on 19 September 2011 as General Counsel, appointed Company Secretary 27 February

Cathy Thomas * National Sales Director Southern Cross Austereo 168,181


* reflects role from 23 February.

Stephen Sweeney Chief Financial Officer Pacific Star Network 165,637



Gordon Moore Group Creative Director & Brand Director Pacific Star Network 139,819



Ben Keep * Chief Financial Officer MCM Entertainment 83,538


* reflects role from 24 January.


As noted above, this information is from the full-year accounts from each of the groups, and does not include ARN, DMG, or the majority of the 'radio-specific' executives from Prime, Fairfax, nor does it include any of the other privately held groups.

Below is the download link to each of the publicly listed groups FY12 annual reports;



Happy reading!

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