Classical music frequency broadcasts message from the future

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Fine Music Mystery

A Wollongong resident was tuning into classical station Fine Music Sydney when a mysterious message came over the radio.

Instead of music, Josie Howell says she heard “a female voice saying something about a time council, and that someone had escaped and was calling her.”

The audio played continuously on loop sporadically, so Howell decided to record the audio on her phone and upload the video to TikTok.

“I got on the bus after work, opened TikTok and saw I had over a million notifications, everyone on the bus probably thought I was insane because I was losing my mind over how many views the video had gotten!”

Thanks to some of the comments, she found out that the source was Wollongong’s Breakout Bar & Escape Rooms.

Fine Music Sydney, formerly 2MBS, had also gotten wind of the situation, and had been working to discover what was happening with their FM signal.

“I have to admit that our staff team had a lot of fun unravelling the mysterious ‘fortuitous reception’,” Fine Music Sydney GM Rebecca Beare said.

“At first, I was both delighted and extremely confused by the viral TikTok video, we knew there had to be a logical explanation for what Josie was hearing, given the audio hadn’t come from our St Leonards based studios or even our FM transmitter, so we rolled up our sleeves and settled in for a night of sleuthing.

“I must admit that I was very relieved when I contacted the manager at Breakout Bar & Escape Rooms in the morning, and he confirmed that it was their audio.”

The manager, Mitchell Bloomfield, revealed that the source was a new escape room called ‘The Future’ where players must travel to 2029.

“Part of this could be heard in the garbled transmission in the phrases ‘he’s escaped’ and ‘Time Council’,” he said.

“The puzzle that’s caused all the intrigue involves a radio situated in the room, that receives our broadcast on a secret frequency that players need to figure out.

“Though it might need to be changed now!”

@snackquariusok I had classical music playing on the radio and this interrupted it and kept playing over the top of it on a loop can someone help???????♬ original sound – snackquarius

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