Black Friday tech specials

The Black Friday sales are almost upon us, and it’s a good opportunity to get some cheap tech.

Originating in Philadelphia in the United States, Black Friday is a US shopping day that follows Thanksgiving and, with online shopping available all around the world now, the tradition has spread world wide. Just look at the huge number of ads for it on radio and online to realise how it has crept into our calendar.

The origin of the name is contentious.

Some say it was what police in the States named that day due the heavy foot traffic in the Philadelphia that followed Thanksgiving – marking the beginning of Christmas shopping.

Others say promoters grabbed the saying in the 60’s, suggesting that it was the day businesses in the red crossed over into profit for the year.

Whatever the true origins are, since 2005 it has become the busiest shopping day in the US, and video evidence would definitely suggest that.

The following Monday has also become a promotional day called ‘Cyber Monday.’

Cyber Monday was created to encourage people to shop online in the US, and as you can see, getting the good deals in person can be hazardous.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday has now come to Australia in full force – online.

Here are some links to get discounted tech for your audio passion projects and work projects:

Audio Hardware:

Dj City

Audio Software:

We Rave You
Bedroom Producers Blog
Coupon Annie
Hindenberg Journalist Pro Recorder App – search for promo codes

RadioKing – a platform for creating and broadcasting your own online radio station

A 50% discount on their subscription to one (or more) of the RadioKing products. Create your RadioKing account and enter the code BLACKFRIDAY2021 at checkout to receive the discount on your first payment.

Smart Mic Ultra


Best places to look for deals:

Amazon Australia
The Good Guys
Bing Lee
JB Hi-Fi

Please feel free to add suggestions to the comments and happy shopping.


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