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There are thousands of hard-working, dedicated and amazingly creative people throughout the radio industry – and every year a small fraction of those people make the short list as a finalist in the ACRA's.

The Radio Today team think it's about time to shine a brighter spotlight on the best of the best.

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Today in #11 we spotlight a sales star, last year's digital radio ACRA winner, a Tassie breakfast host and 2Day FM's Content Director.


2Day FM, Sydney NSW, Southern Cross Austereo

Give us a quick snapshot of your radio background…

Started off at NXFM Newcastle panelling and producing breakfast. Just wanted to do everything to get a feel for it.

Moved to 2DayFM to produce Kyle and Jackie O on the HOT30 Countdown before returning to NX to anchor breakfast, EP the show and be Assistant Content Director.

The love of Sydney was too much and after 5 years with Steve and Kim, I came back to head up The Kyle and Jackie O Breakfast Show on 2Day.

After 2 years I moved to 92.9 as Content Director where I stayed in the west for 15 months before ultimately getting my dream job back at 2Day as Content Director.

What are the 3 things you’re most proud of about your station ?

Brilliant Team, Big Creative Ideas and we love doing things first. I say this with all seriousness – I do love hearing our ideas on other stations!

You can’t make a speech on the night so get up on the Radio Today stage and have your say…

Huge thanks to my wife Belinda and my family (my kids Boh and Colby) if it wasn’t for these guys I wouldn’t be here. They let me do something I love 24/7!

Everyone at SCA, who are huge supporters and such a brilliant company to work for. They are the true innovators of great content ideas.

And finally team 2DayFM. Every person that works on our brand is a superstar. Dedication and Passion is what it's all about and they live and breathe it every minute of the day.



7AD, Devonport TAS, Grant Broadcasters

https://radiotoday.com.au/music/Marc McCreadie ACRA.mp3
or hear it here

Tell us about your background...

I started out in radio by completing the Swinburne Uni Commercial radio course in 2000 (sad to see this course go), then I worked casually at 3GG doing weekends and drove the 3GG G-Force before getting my first full time gig at 2GN/Eagle FM Goulburn as station floater.

I then moved to sister station 2XL/Snow FM Cooma doing B’fast/PD/MD on 2XL

Did a short stint on drive at Zoo FM Dubbo before heading back to 2GN as PD of 2GN & 2XL/ 2GN Arvo Announcer.

I then went to 7LA and did various roles including mornings and breakfast at 7LA and SEA FM Nth. Tas.

I recently started as breakfast announcer with 7AD Devonport.

What’s the best part of your job ?

Without doubt the best part of my job is getting to chat to the hundreds of other people who, like me, have to be up at the crack of dawn and tune into the show to be entertained and most importantly kept awake at such an early hour.

There are some great characters in Tassie and I am lucky enough to get to talk to them each and every day I am on-air.

What are your key achievements over the past 12 months ?

I have really enjoyed taking the reins of the breakfast show and working hard on getting interaction happening with our audience each day. It has been a slow process but it has been really rewarding now I am enjoying the results.

The addition of a co-host for a section of my show each day has also been fantastic.

Your speech, if you were able to make one…

Thanks mostly to anyone who has ever listened to me on radio – can’t do my job without them.

Also, thanks to some great radio mentors and friends who I have been lucky to have worked with along the way. Ryan Rathbone, Richard Clarke, Kevin Blyton and Jim Barbour all come to mind but there have been many more along the way so thank you.


Koffee – dmg radio australia

Give us a quick snapshot of your radio background

Nozz: Like most programmers I started working the mean streets in Black Thunder with the icy cold cans of coca-cola at TTT-FM Hobart (now Sea FM). Then I worked my way up doing mid-dawns, nights, days, APD & MD until one day I got the call from the great Guy Dobson offering me network mid-dawns at Triple M Sydney – Boom! I remember that call vividly.

Triple M was a brilliant experience learning about Programming, show producing, announcing, anchoring and looking after Wazza the Rock Dog at an OB with free beer. I learnt so much, & met so many great people who are still great mates.

Then a stint programming at Max & Channel [V] for 4 years. Learning about Music TV with an exceptional group of people was a truly great and invaluable experience.
Back to radio to kick off the DAB+ strategy for dmg. You don’t get the opportunity to launch a new platform & new radio stations too often so I jumped at the chance. 3 years ago we launched Novanation & the ACRA award winning Koffee.

Sarah: Started as cart-tart at MMM Brisbane at beginning of 1996 straight from completing my SAE course. Moved to Fox/MMM Melbourne later that year as production assistant, and over my 3 and a bit years there worked with the Crud boys, the Foxy Ladies and finished up as brekky producer for Fox breakfast with Tracy, Matt & Jamie.

Moved to the UK beginning of 2000 (who didn’t?!) and worked for the GWR group. Was the network producer for Sales & Promotions. Came back home in 2004, put all my eggs in one basket and waited ‘round until the launch of Nova Brisbane when I was hired as brekky producer for Meshel, Ash, Kip & Luttsy. Made the move to DAB in 2009.

Tell us about your ACRA’s entry…

Nozz: The nature of a chill station on DAB+ means our entry wasn’t based on ratings, stunts or big breakfast shows. We sold the benefits of a psycho graphically targeted brand, partnerships like Ku De Ta in Bali, audience interaction on the website, streaming, apps and social media. I also slipped in a lazy fifty as well just in case.

What’s the best part of your job ?

Nozz: Creating fresh new music brands and formats is a lot of fun. We have the luxury of  being able to try new ideas, features, formats and supporting a lot of new music styles & genres. Stuff that would be harder to try on FM.

Sarah: The variety. And the music. And Nozz (he’s sitting right beside me). I’ve learnt so many new skills being only part of a tiny team working day-to-day on our brands. Not only do I do the production, but now I can add music programming, web content, and social media to the list.

I don’t get bored because there are always opportunities to try something myself if it needs doing. And our music is different and appreciated. It seems traditional radio is playing the same stuff/doing the same formula. We get great feedback from our listeners who are passionate and thankful for the alternate music platforms we provide.

What are your key achievements over the past 12 months ?

Nozz: On top of winning the ACRA last year for Koffee, I have been working on Nova Syndication. We’ve also done a number of DAB+ Pop Up radio stations. And I’ve finally mastered the coffee machine at work too which is convenient.

Sarah: Winning last year’s ACRA!

You can’t make a speech on the night but let’s pretend you’ve won, here’s a chance to have your moment in the spotlight, go for it…

Nozz: My first PD Adrian Johnston (AJ) gave me this advice in an air check; “Maaaaate, keep it tight, bright and real. Cut the crap.” So my speech would go something like this….

“I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to us winning this award. Thanks to my team mate Fletchy. To my wife I love youse, and hi to mum. Free drinks on Joan Warner!!!! WWWoooohhhhhh!!!!” (Big swing of the microphone cord, followed by drunken collapse on podium).

Sarah: 3 from 3?! Thank you. Thank you to Nozz who set up Koffee so perfectly at launch that it would have impossible for me not to love it. I truly am proud of the product we put out every day and love that it stands apart from all the noise/commotion/busy-ness that’s considered the norm.

And even though we’re holding the trophy, all our fellow DAB stations are winners too ‘cos we’re all out there working hard, growing listenership and providing alternate places to stop & listen.



Southern Cross Austereo, Melbourne VIC

Tell us about your background

From Personal Trainer to radio rep, Ramsay Street to Clarendon Street, Erinsborough to South Melbourne. I have worked in the direct team for close to 7 years at Austereo, now Southern Cross Austereo. I have worked on both FOX and MMM as well as now representing regional areas as well. It’s all changed so much now with the cross platform opportunities.

When I first started, online wasn’t really on the radar nor was digital radio – it will be interesting to see what happens in the next 7 years.

What’s the best part of your job ?

Meeting heaps of different people and working with so many different businesses. It’s rewarding to meet a client, then hear them on air and help them succeed. It’s also really enjoyable to build on a  relationship, which often turn into a friendship. Being a part of a high performance team is also what makes me wake up in the morning and get into work..

What are your key achievements over the past 12 months ?

Writing over $500K+ 3 months in a row was something that was a great achievement.

Becoming a finalist in this year’s ACRA’s is something that I am really proud of as well.

Contributing to a really high performing team is something that I really enjoy and am most proud of in my current role.

Your speech, if you were able to make one…

Thank you Lenny. Wow. You know a lot of people said that winning this award 4 years in a row couldn’t happen. Well I guess I showed …

I would like to thank my colleagues, my clients, my wife and our son Rocky for their continued support..

Finally I would like to thank my acronym coach – without my daily acronym training, not achieving my KPI’s via correct BMAD, ROS, BAT, LR placement I would be DAPVALYE’D the hell out of here!


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