WTF did Langbroek say on Show and Tell ?

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Nova 100 breakfast host Kate Langbroek's brother is the Minister for Education, Training and Employment in Queensland.

Yesterday he SMS'd Kate and said:

“WTF did you say on Show and Tell? It’s on Crikey”

This is what she said :-






Hughesy & Kate spoke to her brother John Paul on their breakfast show this morning where John-Paul said he didn’t need the last bit, "No wonder he grew up to join the Liberal party". He said: “We are not the Conservatives in Britain you know.”

Hughesy said, “The Liberal party would like to think that Crikey is just there to bring them down, wouldn’t it?”

John-Paul talked about how politicians love reading about rumours and how it is like a soap opera. He said the rumours would now be, “Wow did you hear about Langbroek having a bath with his sister.”

See the full Langbroek article on Monty Dimond's website Show and Tell here.

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