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As a female announcer I want to give a shout out to women who I admire and have paved the way for me in my radio career or helped me along.

I apologise in advance to anyone left off the list, this is just a personal list I put together, and are women I listen to often (there are so many I could add) …………I would love to hear from you about who has been your radio inspo!


I cottoned on to her radio career later on and heard her one day on i98, I thought wow this girl is so real on air and I was listening thinking this is a great benchmark for me because I could feel through the radio she had a great sense of self and there was no bullshit and so I went back and looked up her radio career. I was not surprised to learn she was a pioneer in the industry and kicked Ray Hadley’s butt in the ratings – (the only female to do so). I sought her out and was so honoured when she was there for me to have an idol as a mentor is amazing!


I remember when I was working in reception in a radio station I would get excited to hear her come over the speakers every afternoon. You could hear in her voice and in her show, she was loving every minute of it and was totally connected to the audience (me included) and she made me want to be a part of that world and to make the move from behind the front desk to behind the mic.


From our very first meeting as fresh jocks at ZZZFM this girl has had my back, and I not only love her as a person but her approach to radio is refreshing she is extremely intelligent and hilarious. I can’t wait to say one day I used to work with her as I point to her on the side of a bus in Sydney!


She has set the bar for a lot of us girls in regional, she is proof that sheer hard work will get you places. I have heard countless stories from people about her work ethic and on top of all that she is producing great real radio and content and is very approachable and willing to help other females in the industry, myself included.


I don’t know Bella personally but I love her upbeat personality on air. I have only ever listened to her on air but I feel connected to her through she provides a fun quirky mix of personality between songs and I love it!


I could listen to her for hours and sometimes when I’m on a long car trip I do (love my poddy’s). She is so hilarious, quick witted and REAL, It’s also awesome to see another side to her with her Nitty Gritty Committee podcast.


I have listened to their poddy from the very beginning and the fact they have created a national show based around the podcast  is next level and something that inspires me.


I love chatting to her about radio and listening to her as well, she is full of ideas and is a go getter!

I would love to hear who you would add to the list and I look forward to hear about all the other awesome radio girls out there, post a comment or @carly_portch.

Carly Portch is part of the Star FM Breakfast team in Griffith in the Riverina of NSW.

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