When You Are New In Town

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When you are new in a town as an announcer it’s very similar to a politician on the campaign trail you get yourself out there and you need to win people over.

You can let them know all about yourself but why should they care about you?

You need to show you care about them.

Since coming to Griffith I was searching for an off leash area to take my dogs, I asked around and people’s responses were mixed some thought we had one but it was overgrown some said there wasn’t one at all.

I did a little digging and found out we didn’t.

I also spoke to people who said they had been trying for years to get one so I got council on air and bailed them up they agreed that we should have one and agreed to go ahead with it.

 You beauty I thought that was easy!

If only I had known it wasn’t going to be that straight forward a year and a half later and many many follow up emails, calls and pestering along with paperwork , surveys and petitions I am excited to say over the weekend we held the opening!

There were times when I didn’t think it would go ahead but I kept on it because as soon as I opened the mic to champion this cause it was so important that I seen it through (politicians take note).

I had given people my word and that’s the amazing thing about having a microphone and an audience you have an advantage and a platform that others don’t.

The one thing I have learnt from this is the power of that platform and the power of following through.

What’s important to your community?

 What can you lend your voice to?

Chris and Jules have done an amazing job with the #bringthelogiestodubbo and whether or not they get it off the ground they have championed the cause and helped get Dubbo out there and created buzz around town.

Listeners know you won’t be in town forever it’s the way regional works but that just means you have to make your time there really count so that when you move on you will have made an impact.

So what will your community remember your time for?

Carly Portch is part of the Star FM Breakfast team in Griffith in the Riverina of NSW.

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