Why Did Rove say… Yes?

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In seven days from now, Rove and The Bachelorette’s Sam Frost will be close to wrapping up their very first show on 2Day FM, but the question that many have asked is why did Rove agree to do it?

When we spoke to Guy Dobson he said Rove happened to fall out of the sky”,but for Rove he told news.com.au:

“I’m looking to have a bit more stability than just sort of ping-ponging all over the world.  With a young family it kind of felt like it would be nice to just put down some roots.”

Sydney is now Rove’s home and last week SCA teamed him up with Sam Frost.  When we spoke with Guy Dobson he laid out some of the reasons why they went with Rove including:

“We are being true to what 2Day FM is – we’ve got a great drive show, the whole Hit Network around Australia is number one 25 to 39  as a result of that format  and we are getting a breakfast show that is going to fit better.”

While no-one at SCA has given any hints to what the show will be like, Rove shared with news.com.au what he was looking for:

“What I want is to have a fun show, a show that feels like you’re listening to friends. And just to connect with the audience.

“Something I really get off on when it comes to radio is that it’s one of the few mediums that left that has such immediacy. The idea that someone could be listening and you make a comment and they can call in straight away with their opinion and they became part of the show. I’ve always been excited by that live element.”


Rove and Sam Frost

We chat to radio besties Rove McManus and Sam Frost about their brand new gig! #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Friday, October 30, 2015

With Rove & Sam starting Monday November 9, they will have some settling in before the real battle of 2016 will take shape.

 “I’m very aware that there is no tougher market than breakfast radio in Sydney but that’s part of what makes it exciting”, Rove told news.com.au.

You can read more at news.com.au

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