“Who’s going to turn down Sydney breakfast?”: Maz Compton on Game Changers: Radio

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Former radio announcer and TV personality Maz Compton was the latest guest on Game Changers: Radio with Craig Bruce.

From a “help-out phone girl” at Nova to hosting 2Day FM’s breakfast show 12 years later, Compton described the daily pressure she faced after taking up the iconic role in Sydney.

“To be honest, when I did Sydney breakfast, I stopped liking radio. I was under the impression that I could keep doing the drive show in breakfast, and that was very evident from our first month on air that that wasn’t the case.”

“After it ended, there was this period in my life when I was just grieving, it was just sad.”

Bruce, who was working at SCA at the time, offered his own perspective on the matter: “Unfortunately, circumstances meant that it was moved on faster than I think it should have been.”

While Compton’s rating-topping national drive show was the complete opposite experience to her time at breakfast, Compton recalled another particularly “tough time” in her career while working alongside Craig ‘Lowie’ Low.

“He was awful to work with during that time and I did not love radio from that experience,” she said.

“After I had some time away from radio, I realised we didn’t work together for some many reasons, but radio wasn’t the problem.”

“It’s like being in a marriage, you need to have a healthy relationship with the person you are on air with at all times, and if not, expose it on-air for what it is and go down that road, or protect it and fix it.”

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Big fan
9 Oct 2017 - 2:56 pm

Power to Maz. Despite experiencing the worst the industry can throw she’s remained her fun, happy self – that’s what it looked like anyway. Trooper. Go Maz!

9 Oct 2017 - 5:06 pm

Maz was fantastic on Nova 91.9, was sad to see everything she went through once she left. Was always great to listen to.


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