Beauty and the Geek winner Lachlan Mansell gets behind the mic

Beauty and the Geek personality Lachlan Mansell has recently started a new role as the Workday Announcer at Ballarat’s Power FM, finding inspiration during 12 months producing for The Kyle & Jackie O Show

The Beauty and the Geek winner landed the producing job thanks to a challenge on the 2021 show in which Lachlan showed his gift of the gab as a radio announcer, catching the eye of Kyle Sandilands.

Lachy caught up with Radio Today share the details.

“I mean, the whole radio thing, it wasn’t really on my radar before that [K&J], but then I got involved with the Kyle and Jackie O Show – really enjoyed my involvement there, but wanted to get involved in a more on-air kind of role because I think that my best work is behind the microphone,” Lachlan said. 

Once Lachlan recognised his interest in radio, he formed a vision about how he would progress his career in the industry. 

“When you look at all the successful radio presenters around Australia, pretty much all of them have done time in regional areas, so when the opportunity came up at Ballarat, I thought, why not give it a crack?” he said.

“It’ll be a good environment to fine-tune my craft and get some time behind a microphone and use it as a stepping stone to hosting something in a metropolitan area in the future.”

For now, Lachlan is getting down to the nuts and bolts of an announcer’s life inside the studio.

“I think the first month here, it’s going to be all about learning the technology and learning the back end of the mechanics and just making sure that all of the basic processes and procedures I can nail one hundred per cent,” Lachlan said.

“After that, I’d like to hope that the creative side of my brain can kick into gear and I can come up with some creative ideas for segments that really showcase my personality behind the microphone.”


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After a few weeks in the job, Ballarat’s newest local is finding out how important it is to build a community focused show.

“I think one of the things I’ve already figured out here is Ballarat is very much about local engagement, so engaging with members of the local community is huge, because radio in regional areas is such a powerful medium for connecting with the local community, so if I can come up with some fun ideas for segments to get the local listeners involved in the show then I reckon it’s going to be the pathway to success.”

The move to Ballarat is a noticeable change from the buzzing and often chaotic scenes of Kyle and Jackie O’s studio, and although Lachlan won’t miss everything about working on the Sydney show, he says it helped him open up and grow as a person.

“Yeah, I mean, some of it I do miss… I don’t miss talking about my sex life on air,” Lachlan said. 

“In the end, although it was out of my comfort zone, I think it was probably a good thing for me because it’s got me a lot more comfortable talking about that kind of stuff, whereas previously maybe I wasn’t, so as tough as it was, overall, I don’t have any regrets.”

“I think that for me as a person, it was a good thing to of had that experience.”

Now his vision is underway, Lachlan couldn’t be more grateful to the people that helped him. 

“I’m really appreciative of, firstly, Kyle and Jackie O for giving me the opportunity in the first place because, without them, I don’t think I ever would have ended up in radio,” Lachlan said. 

“So the fact that they pretty much plucked me straight off Beauty and the Geek and gave me a job that kickstarted the whole thing.”

“And also, just the wider ARN company, because Power FM and 3BA here in Ballarat, they’re owned by ARN so it keeps me under the ARN umbrella working here, so thanks to the company for their ongoing support and opportunities as well.”


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In terms of what to expect in the future, Lachlan says, “When you look at my particular interests, I’m a bit of a sports geek, particularly with the motorsports side of things, but I do like my rugby league and my cricket as well.”

“So in the future, I probably see myself working in a sports broadcasting role in radio or even politics or something else that I’m interested in as well, so if working down here gives me a stepping stone into some sort of role where maybe it’s sort of a bit like Ray Hadley where I’m doing talk back during the week and sports commentary on weekends, I reckon that would be the absolute dream.”

Hear Lachlan on 103.1 Power FM’s Workday Hits from Mon-Fri between 10AM-2PM.

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Wendy Whalley
29 Jun 2023 - 1:11 pm

That is such great news – he was such a charmer on Beauty and the Geek and thoroughly deserves his new gig. Well done Lachy!

29 Jun 2023 - 6:27 pm

Seriously what is this world coming to? ……. What ever happened to the people that work their butts off studying for years and trying to get into radio only to have this happen!!! …… I am so disheartened by this happening – I did so many years studying and trying to get my foot in the door of radio without success. In the end I gave up because you got these B GRADE CELEBRITIES or what they call them these days landing a job for being on TIK TOK or being so called famous, while us white collar people do the right thing and study and try and get nowhere!!!!

    1 Jul 2023 - 2:43 pm

    This comment has been edited.

Give him a break!
2 Jul 2023 - 10:55 am

@Buster I think your comments are quite mean spirited to be honest.

He’s spent a year working for the best in the business and held multiple positions at one of the biggest stations in the country. That more than qualifies him for a role like this.

2 Jul 2023 - 11:45 am

Is this the quiet part in every regional jocks head being said out loud?

“It’ll be a good environment to fine-tune my craft and get some time behind a microphone and use it as a stepping stone to hosting something in a metropolitan area in the future.”


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