Triple M Brissy reunite a son with his Dad

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This week on Triple M's The Grill Team in Brisbane, they have been searching for 32 year old Brad's Dad.

Brad called Marto, Pete and Michelle and asked for their help. He revealed he had never met his Dad and his search to find him had been unsuccessful.

It all started when late last week Marto told a story about one of his mates who had donated sperm years ago, only to now meet some of his children.

The show then aired lots of listener stories on the same subject, all that ended happily.

But off air Brad had called and there began the quest to find his Dad.

Brad revealed the background to his Dad leaving, his Mum's name, details about his Dad including his name (Alan Hyslop), where he once lived and worked. He knew his father was a Vietnam vet but didn't have his service number. He also believed he might have had a sister.

Through many twists during the week they then had a call from a woman who was the wife of Alan Hyslop and that apparently he had also been searching for Brad for years.

She asked one question that was the clincher….she said that the man she was married to had a vintage bottle of wine that he had bought the day his son Brad was born, the label has Brad’s name and birthdate on it. She asked for Brad’s birthdate. It was the same.

Today Brad met his Dad…hear the chat The Grill Team had with him….
or hear it here

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