Titus O’Reily and Mick Molloy’s strange sport stories join LiSTNR

Titus O’Reily and Triple M’s Mick Molloy are bringing the most strange and interesting tales from the sports world to LiSTNR in their podcast, Sports Bizarre

Covering every sport with a ball and everything that gets put on a plaque in a hall, Titus and Mick deep dive into the history of all sports around the world to find the weird and wonderful, plus, the downright strange, stories that are so weird they are hard to believe. 

“Every week we have a new story from the world of sports that is difficult to believe, but all of them are true,” Molloy said.

“At least I think they are, I should check. All I’ve learnt from these tales of sportspeople misbehaving is how much you could get away with before smartphones. I’ve been born in the wrong era!”

Recent episodes have explored the introduction of ‘whiff waff’ aka table tennis, the 13-year-old snooker player who skipped school to pursue the game, former Philadelphia Eagles player Tim Rossovich who famously set up pranks such as setting himself on fire, a two-part feature on golf’s most unconventional character John Daly and yes, even ‘The Monkey Testicle Doping Scandal’.

“We’re thrilled to partner with LiSTNR. It will be a great novelty for Mick and myself to work with people who understand podcasting, because neither of us do,” said O’Reily.

“At its heart, Sports Bizarre is about people doing weird things. The sport is the backdrop, it’s about people who jump naked into birthday cakes, and put itching powder in their opponents’ shorts, just good clean fun.”

Today’s first LiSTNR episode continues the ping pong conversation as Titus and Mick examine the rise of table tennis in China and how the US Table Tennis Championships were once kicked out of a venue by El Mongol, a not-so-famous wrestler. 

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Sports Bizarre coming to the LiSTNR podcast network,” said SCA Chief Content Officer, Dave Cameron.

“Combining the most eccentric and hilarious look at the crazy side of sport, delivered by two of this country’s best storytellers Titus O’Reily and Triple M’s own Mick Molloy, showcases LiSTNR’s focus on partnering with Australia’s best premium creators and podcasts.”

Listen to Sports Bizarre with Titus O’Reily and Mick Molloy on LiSTNR or wherever you get your podcasts.

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