The Top Hot New Talent 2015 – The Audio #12

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We have arrived! The final two from Brad March’s Top Hot New Talent 2015

A big thank you to all the HOT New Talent who have offered to share their stuff with us. Soon we will get you to vote for your Top Talent and then we will publish the Top 5 ‘most likely’ as voted by Radio Today readers. 

The last couple, Ben Jenkins & Michael Hing and Marty Smiley – you can hear them below.


Ben Jenkins & Michael Hing

Ben is from the Chasers ABC show Media Circus, Michael a stand up comedian. Their podcast series Free To A Good Home is at iTunes.


Marty Smiley

Marty is the new host of Authentic Entertainments new show The Drop which can be heard on the Today Hit Network. Marty is also a presenter on Channel V and follows in the footsteps of Andy G and James Mathison.

You can take a listen to Daniel Gawned and Caitlin McCormack hereJaben Ryan and Hayley Morcom here and Gosia Rakiej and Ryan Jon hereRoss Wallman and Simon Takla hereSam & Dom and Bec Lee here. Tim Wong See and English Chris here. Tom & Olly and Cat Lynch here.  Elltiot Lovejoy and Ashleigh Blutchehere.  Amos Gill and Ilaria Brophy here. Anakin Skyrocker and Kel Wolfe here. Ben Erbsland & Krisite Mercer here. You can see all the Talent Brad picked around the country here as well. 

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