Unlikely radio duo celebrates one-year ‘airaversary’


Celebrations are in the air today as the Power FM SA Breakfast team of Craig & Katie mark their one year ‘airaversary.’

Craig Pitman and Katie Wright consider themselves an unlikely radio pairing.

Craig – a seasoned radio announcer and production guru – is approaching his 7th year at the station.

Katie is a circus artist and actor turned radio announcer, who’s completing her first year in radio.

And she brings with her a wealth of transferable skills … Katie even initiated and designed the uniform overalls (pictured above) that she and Craig wear.

Both Craig and Katie juggle (yes, pun intended) parenting with breakfast hours and they support each other through the rollercoaster ride that is radio.

With vastly different life experiences, they bring their energy and stories to each other and their listeners every day.

Katie says: “I have learnt loads since I have been at Power FM and appreciate Craig’s knowledge and organisation skills. He is incredibly talented and I am thankful to work with him.”

“We have a completely different sense of timing but have gotten into a rhythm throughout the year. We have definitely had some brilliant laughs, emotional moments, lost our patience and found it again and we keep learning more about each other”

Craig says “It feels like it’s been the LONGEST year, in the best way possible.”

“While I know Katie’s more used to juggling knives than radio life and parenthood, she’s brought a wild unpredictability to each and every morning that always puts a smile on my face and our listeners by extension.”

“It’s been fun to work with and watch Katie as she develops in radio, learns from mistakes and grows every day.”

Listener Claire from Murray Bridge puts it this way:

“I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning because it was cold & horrible, but I got up, turned the radio on, and I’m listening to you two, and it’s just funny as, like you’re a couple of nutters.”

“Have you ever taken the cover off a budgie cage? The budgies are quiet, and they’re in the dark, you take the cover off, and they’re just so happy!”

“You two just remind me of a couple of budgies, just chattering away … I don’t know if you try to be, but you’re just really happy people, and in the morning, that’s really good!”

Hear Craig & Katie weekdays from 6-9am on Power FM SA, or stream them on the iHeart Radio App.

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