The plan: make one listener a millionaire.

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Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty returned today with a simple plan; to make one listener a millionaire.

However, the big question is… a millionaire of which country?

It’s entirely up to the winner when they make the spin of a lifetime.

One lucky listener will earn a chance to spin Kate, Tim & Marty’s wheel live in the Nova studios. Whatever country the wheel lands on will determine where they will be considered a millionaire.

Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold said, We've always wanted to give away a million dollars, and our dong-giving days are over. It's time we make it rain with some real dollas.”

The currencies include one million Vietnamese dong (About $58 bucks), one million Syrian pounds ($6.7k AUD), one million Ugandan shillings (round $425 smackers), one million Albanian lek ($10.2k) and the coveted one million Australian Dollars.

Listeners can enter at, where they can attempt to correctly identify the country of the day and win their way onto the shortlist.

Kate, Tim & Marty returned nationally across the Nova Network today.

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