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** audio of the announcement added below **

Fifi Box has revealed to her listeners on Today National Drive that she will be leaving the show.

Fifi is moving to host Fox FM breakfast with Dave Thornton from 2014, replacing the long running Matt & Jo.

Earlier I spoke with Fifi & Dave, as well as Fox FM Content Director Dave Cameron about the new show.

Mark: So Fifi, is this your ploy to get away from Jules …. is that the real story here ? (laughs)

Fifi: (laughs) Noooo I love Jules. He is and always has been one of my best mates. The great thing is though we're still working at the same radio station so I still get to be close to him but I do get to fulfil my dream of being on Fox FM breakfast. That for me was an offer too good to refuse. Being a Melbourne girl and growing up listening to The Fox, when I got into radio this was my dream shift. I'm sort of pinching myself.

Mark: Being a new mum will the hours also suit you better ?

Fifi: Absolutely, because the truth is Mark I haven't slept in for 6 months now and I go to bed at about 7pm with Trixie so it's actually a perfect fit and I had heard that. I've got other friends like Jackie O and Jo Stanley, they've all done it with babies and they've always said 'this is a dream for new Mum's, doing breakfast radio'.

Mark: Dave, you've been doing lots of various shows on SCA like Mamamia Today and weekend breakfast with Sophie Monk. Are you sad to see the back of Sophie ?

Dave: No not at all but I think I'll still be checking in on her just so I can hear how her life is ticking along. It's like sands through the hour glass with Soph, you're just constantly calling up going 'what happened now?' (laughs).

Mark: Will you still be continuing your TV commitments with This Week Live on TEN ?

Dave: Here's hoping. I ideally hope the show comes back next year. Trying to juggle these two things will be interesting but not a bad problem to have.

Mark: You've obviously been doing some shows in the background but when do you start on-air together ?

Fifi: Mid to late January.

Mark: Between now and then, some time apart before it all begins ?

Dave: Fifi said to me I get to look after Trixie so I get to wake up early.

Fifi: I'm off on a holiday and Dave gets Trixie for a while (laughs). No, we're both going to have a really good break. We're actually going to see each other quite a bit on that break because for us we're so excited, we want to start gearing up and planning this great show that we're going to be really proud of.

Mark: Dave (Cameron), are you looking forward to the new chapter for Fox breakfast ?

Cameron: Yeah it's amazing. There's not many times you get to launch a brand new show with such seasoned, experienced professionals that have massive national profiles. That's a once in a lifetime combination I reckon. Do you reckon I'm excited by that ? Absolutely !

It's a generation change for Fox. I couldn't think of a better way to launch a brand new year with talent as exceptional as these guys.

Here's part 1 of the announcement from this afternoon:-
or hear it here

Here's part 2 of the announcement from this afternoon:-
or hear it here

With Fifi moving to Fox FM breakfast, what will now happen with Today National Drive ? Will Jules remain or is he off to 2Day FM and a whole new drive show will be put in place ? Is this where Dan & Maz will move to in 2014 ?

So many questions !! Answers in the coming weeks as we get closer to the end of the survey year.

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