The man with a camera on his head

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During the week on the Today network drive show 'Fifi & Jules', they were getting ready to set off to London for the Olympics.

The dare was set for Byron Cooke to wear a camera strapped to his head the whole time they are there.

Their anchor posted this on Facebook…

"If 11,415 people UNLIKE this FB status I won’t have to permanently wear a camera helmet in London"


He obviously has to do it, and in the first couple of days has been tweeting pictures back for us to see.

In transit in Singapore, Fifi said…

"….sometimes it's funny to dare your friend to wear a camera helmet the entire flight to London"


In London they met up with Jules (camera still firmly attached)…



Getting into a London taxi (yep still there)…



The end result will be a time lapse video showing the entire London trip for Fifi & Jules.

We look forward to seeing the final cut.

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