The back story to Nova’s ‘gang’ ad

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At the weekend we posted a picture of a press ad for Nova 919 in Adelaide, see the original story here.

It caused quite a reaction, with comments on the ad being either strongly supportive, or strongly critical. So we got the background to it:

On the new Nova Breakfast show, Shane Lowe asked Adelaide listeners if he was too old to own a BMX bike, as he was planning to buy one to ride to work each day. 

The overwhelming feedback from the listeners was that it was completely fine. From there Shane and Dylan Lewis created the 'Lewis and Lowe Riders Gang'. They managed to rope in Ed Sheeran to commit to riding with them when he's in town, along with Olympic BMX Champion, Sam Willoughby.

Below, see the video of the "Lewis and Lowe Riders' cycling around Adelaide. Subsequent to this came the press ad in 'Rip It Up'.



See the 'Rip It Up' ad below;

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