That was a #Trainwreck

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Amy Schumer has been doing the rounds pushing her new movie Trainwreck. KIIS101.1’s Matt & Jane were up for a chat.. all going swimmingly until Matt drops the word “Skanky” to describe Amy’s character… did it go off the rails fast?

“Do you have the word skanky in the US?”, said Matt

“We do have that word”, Amy Schumer replies.

Matt Tilley says: “Come on, that’s the character of the movie…… I’m not trying to offend you.”

“Whatever you are trying to do, you are,” says Schumer. “That’s a rude question.”

Amy then doesn’t miss an opportunity to have a dig a Matt. As the pain draws out, it ends with Jane Hall saying: “I might come by myself next time”

Amy’s reply?  

Rip in to about the 1:30 mark.



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