Thank You Media Watch, The ABC and The PM: Miss Adventurous Podcast

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As a broadcaster, there’s perhaps nothing scarier than making an appearance on ABC TV’s Media Watch. Will you be praised or will you be pulled down?

Whether it’s a thumbs up or a thumbs down, it’s how you deal with that moment in the spotlight, which is something Wave FM’s Tiffany ‘Tiff’ Rouge recognised and turned to her advantage.

She copped a spray from Paul Barry for ‘idiotic interviews on FM radio’ and an appearance by Scott Morrison on her show.  Their chat focussed on “how thick do you like vegemite on your toast”.

Fairly harmless stuff and something the PM deals with daily in an election year.  But Barry sarcastically described as a ‘question of national importance’.

Rather than taking it to heart, Rouge saw it as a positive because her content made ‘Waves’ and she celebrates the moment on the latest instalment of her Miss Adventurous Podcast.

“It’s hardly ever a good thing when someone’s on media watch.  But, it helped me solidify the sort of broadcaster that I know that I am.”

“I wanna share ideas, values, thoughts, experiences, opinions and I hope that at some point, some of it [sic] resonates with you enough that one day you’re going to take action about it.”

And she admits ten years in the radio industry working the UK for stations like XFM (now Radio X) and the BBC, and in Australia for Hot 100 and Wave FM, has helped her develop a thick skin to all sorts of criticism.

New episodes of the podcast are released every Wednesday.

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