Terry Daniel’s Air-nniversary: “It was time to reinvent myself”


Terry Daniel’s staff know him as one of the most ‘chill’ bosses on the planet. A technical whizz with the patience of a saint.

And I should know, because I’m one of those staff.

This month, the radio veteran celebrates three years as owner of Air News Media, an organisation which delivers complete ‘ready to air’ news bulletins to Australian radio broadcasters 7 days a week.

So – with my Radio Today hat on – I spoke to Terry about the journey so far.

Prior to going back to full time radio work, Terry’s key employment involved looking after more than 50 medical centres around Australia – assisting with hardware and software support and training staff through his company Tee Dee Computers.

Over time, there were greater challenges to navigate.

“The medical scene was changing rapidly as major corporates moved into regional towns buying up smaller GP surgeries – my clients. Support contracts were terminated and this left a large hole in my income.”

“It was time to reinvent myself, so I headed back to what I knew best with voice work.”

Then Terry discovered former Air News owner Artie Stevens was interested in selling the business.

“We began negotiations in April 2019, agreed on a deal in May 2019 and switched owners on July 1st 2019.”

Terry says none of it was planned.

“It just fell into place and the planets lined up during 2019 to make it happen. It really was a godsend for me as re-employment was going to be a tough challenge.”

Part of a well-known radio family, Terry was quick to recruit his brothers Glenn (who sadly passed away last year) and Richard as consultants.

Then Covid hit.

“Fancy buying a business just before a major pandemic hits the world! But everyone wanted the latest news on Covid-19 and we managed to sign up a few new stations along the way.”

“We found many small narrowcasting and online stations were looking for a complete news service to keep their listeners informed.”

Terry says the number one thing he loves about Air News is his team.

“Everyone was retained at change over and since 2019 we have added to the mix with talent like Michael Lynch and Nicky Elliott and our breakfast newsreader Leigh Harrison, whom I’ve known since 1985.”

Leigh tells Radio Today a call from Terry out the blue – asking if he’d be interested in presenting breakfast news – would change his life in the most unexpected way.

“It saw me return to something I’ve always loved, after a long absence. I will never forget that phone call.”

Michael Lynch’s association with Terry dates back to 1976.

“At that time Terry was on air at 8HA in Alice Springs and I was hosting a breakfast news program at 5DN in Adelaide,” Michael recalls.

In Michael’s daily state and territory ‘news whip around’ it was to Terry he chatted each weekday morning.

44 years later, Michael – semi-retired and living in Christchurch, New Zealand – was contacted by Terry.

Responding to an email from Michael to Australian radio news directors about possible work as their NZ stringer, Terry invited Michael to join Air News as a reporter/presenter.

Michael enthusiastically accepted.

Shannon Morris started his Air News journey as the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games reporter.

He tells Radio Today “I stuck around as it gives me an outlet to spread my wings and learn from the industry’s best in a professional news outlet.”

“There are no fixed agendas or stories we’re forced to run.”

“Over the past four years I’ve reported on the 2018 Commonwealth Games as well as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and hundreds of national, Queensland and New South Wales stories.”

“I like the freedom to find stories and interview people about issues that Australians care about.”

Air News presenters were doing the ‘work from home’ thing long before it became the norm, and Terry says the home studio arrangement can be relatively simple.

“Basically, each of our staff has a set up consisting of 1 or two computers, a good quality microphone and possibly a mixer and a fast and reliable internet connection. That’s enough to get started.”

“Our Virtual News Desk is in ‘the cloud’ – news is compiled and read by our team and the finished product is stored in the cloud ready for client stations to download just prior to broadcast.”

Radio is Terry’s happy place, and now he’s back doing what he loves, he’s excited by what lies ahead.

More information on Air News services can be found here.

Sarah Patterson is the weekday afternoon presenter and News Director at Air News.

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Rob Martin
8 Jul 2022 - 12:03 pm

Rob M.

I worked with Terry Daniel at 2CS – Coffs Harbour -1994 -95 .. in fact we did weekend on air shifts together.. after I came over from Adelaide – a great talent and genuine good guy ..Congrats on Air news ! and yes worked with your breakfast newsreader ,Leigh Harrison too !


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