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Results from the first radio industry audience measurement survey in the Victorian region of Swan Hill in six years have been released this morning.

The survey shows that MIXX FM was number 1 most listened with a 30.4% 10 plus. Stable mate 3SH was 3.7 back at number 2 with a 26.7%. Next closest was ABC Local Radio with an 18.3%. You can view the full results below.


A  tighter battle in breakfast with MIXX leading the pack as Session Listened to Most  with 29.3% and 3SH a 27.5%. A great result for the ACE stations, with each dominating their target demos. With MIXX securing under 40’s and 3SH over 40’s.

Mixx FM and 3SH commissioned Xtra Research to carry out the survey, which involved over 600 respondents and was conducted 27 October – 9 November 2014. 

Mark Taylor from ACE Broadcasters said: “This first survey release for Mixx FM and 3SH in six years is an exciting time, following on from 2AY in Albury in June this year. Being armed with research is invaluable when approaching advertisers and this new measurement system has made it viable once again for smaller regional markets.”

3SH and MIXX FM General Manager Paul Gadsden said he was ecstatic with the excellent results for both of the ACE Radio stations. In thanking his regional team, Paul said he couldn’t be prouder of the results.

“It provides a clear indication that we are providing the highest-quality commercial listening media product
available in our listening area. It underpins the hard work and dedication of our team and the close relationship
we have with our listeners and clients,”
he said.

Surveys for the Victorian markets of Horsham, Hamilton and Colac will follow in the coming weeks, with Hobart to be released tomorrow, being the first radio ratings survey in 12 years for the market. 

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