Survey #6 Released: Results Are In

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Survey #6 is in. 2GB maintains its dominance in Sydney but there is a new #2 with ABC taking over smooth 10 +. smooth still owns the #1 FM spot and increases its margin once more.

In Melbourne, almost a mirror of last round just a few short weeks ago, 3AW – the clear number 1, the ABC second (while down). Fox again equal number 1 FM with Gold 104.3 in the FM battle. But is smooth closing in?

In Brisbane while losing some ground Nova1069 is still in front and ahead of 97.3 . Hit105 increases again and maintains third and Triple M again fourth.

Mix1023 in Adelaide has returned another Steller result – up again and dominates. Nova now second, flipping positions with FIVEaa.

And Perth Mix94.5 is number 1 and increase their lead. And things are getting tight between Nova and Hit929.

Ahead of our analysis, check the summary pages below:


Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth


  • On the FM band ‘flat as a tack’ on the overall figures with 4 of the 6 commercial FM’s not moving at all. Of the remaining 2, the movements were minimal – KIIS and Smooth both up a touch.
  • SCA clean sweep 25-39’s again with Fox and MMM 1 and 2
  • Gold copped a whack 40-54, but remain #1 FM, although now behind 3AW in this demo.
  • Tough round for ABC – both 774 and triple j slipping a little – both driven by Breakfast declines.
  • In Breakfast SCA are a strong #1 and #2 on FM, Triple M leads the way on 9.2, Fox on 8.0. Nova will be happy with a half a point increase in Breakfast, making them a clear #3 ahead of KIIS, Gold and Smooth.
  • Both of the powerhouse AM’s declined in brekky with 3AW and 774 down significantly, yet still dominant in share given the heavy TSL they attract.
  • Daytimes jumped around a bit with KIIS the only station seeing any real growth, albeit off a low base. KIIS is now ahead of Nova in daytimes who are, on a 9-4 basis, in 6th (FM) place.
  • In drive 3AW has jagged #1 overall back from Hamish & Andy on Fox, however H&A are the #1 FM Drive Show by a significant margin with an 11.0% share. In fact, in essentially equal 2nd FM place in Drive are Triple M, Gold, Nova and Smooth all on around the 8 mark, with Hughesy & Kate on KIIS in last (commercial FM) place on a 6.3 share.
  • For nights, it’s all 3AW, 774 and Fox in Melbourne, with Smooth emerging as a contender for #1 FM spot – a point behind Fox.


  • Strong again for smooth #1 FM with a significant margin now – smooth is 9.8% overall vs KIIS on 7.8% in #2 position.
  • WS have done well, up a touch, and #3 FM.
  • For Nova flat, with the core demos copping a whack – falling everywhere under 40….that said WS had a big bounce 18-24, to put it #2, highly likely to be spikey you’d that will settle back next survey or two….but Nova won;’t be happy with the under 40 declines.
  • Triple M have had a rough day, down by a point overall, down in all demos, and pretty much all dayparts…not a strong Triple M result.
  • KIIS are down a touch overall, with 18-54 demos coming off, and copping a whack in the Breakfast and Drive Bookends. Breakfast remains #1 overall, by a healthy margin, 
  • To 2Day….and overall the biggest jump they’ve seen for a while, up 0.6 to 4.3, no doubt influenced strongly by a significant marketing campaign. Whilst the station remains in last (FM) place, 2Day is within striking distance of Triple M overall. 2Day’s strongest daypart is Hamish & Andy, who are well ahead of the other dayparts on the station. Breakfast was up a touch by 0.2 to 4.3. In second last place ahead of 2CH.
  • 2CH is in serious ratings trouble….the trends are ugly, and it’s probably symptomatic of a station in ownership limbo.
  • Both 2GB and 2UE saw some increases overall, with 2GB again the dominant station.
  • Overall, this result is a smooth dominated one, and whilst Breakfast sits comfortably on a 7 share in #2 FM position, it is the workday and drive listening that is powering the station


  • Also reasonably flat overall in Brisbane
  • Nova is again #1, however has slipped to a 13.7 – but retains a comfortable buffer between it and 97.3 in #2 on 12.2%.
  • A small, but welcome no doubt, jump for Hit 105 moving up 0.4 overall  – driven by a healthy jump 25-39s.
  • Nova dominate again 18-39, and are #1 in every demo under 40, and either #1 FM, or equal #1 FM in every daypart – except the big one, where they just miss out to a growing 97.3 Breakfast.
  • 97.3 strong again, although off a touch 25-44, with that exceptionally strong Breakfast result – moving back to the #1 overall position.
  • After a year of massive change, 4BC has shown growth, with Alan Jones in Breakfast the big mover, up to a 6.3 share, and stalemate Magic 882 has also had a good result – up a point to 3.8.
  • In Drive ‘Kate Tim and Marty on Nova are a strong #1, with Hamish & Andy in the #2 position 2 points behind, and a further 2 points or so back to Hughesy & Kate on 97.3.


  • In perth it’s a strong result for SCA with Mix a dominant #1 on 15.6%, up 1.2. Sister station hit 92.9 nudged up 0.1, and is a whisker away from knocking off Nova for #2 overall. Hit 92.9 is now the #1 commercial station 18-39, leapfrogging Nova.
  • Nova copped a whack, declining 1.6% to an 11.3 share overall – with red ink everywhere – 25-39s down and falling from 1st to 3rd, behind hit 92.9 and triple j.The dayparts were rough for Nova, down everywhere, slipping down to #2 FM in Breakfast, with the other dayparts all coming off.
  • 96FM has had a much needed increase, however only a small one – up 0.3, and up in all dayparts aside from Breakfast.. The station grew 18-39, but shed listeners 40-54.
  • But Perth today is all about Mix 94.5 with a strong performance, winning every daypart, and a strong demographic profile



  • Some big moves in Adelaide on the FM band with Mix 102.3 #1 by a mile overall on 15.8 %, up 1.3 and Nova also having a strong result improving by 1.4 to 11.3%.
  • Not so good for SCA who were flat. Triple M and hit 107 both steady on 9.7 and 9.1 respectively, with the demos for hit107 not a particularly good story, down in every demo that they care about.
  • But for Mix a great result, up in every demo, and every daypart and monitoring the workday.
  • Nova’s growth was also impressive, wiht the workday and drive figures leading the way – Nova are #1 in drive, just ahead of Mix.
  • triple j flat in Adelaide and ABC891 down in the 25-64 demos, however up 65+, and down in most dayparts.
  • At the peak end of the footy season, particularly with the Adelaide Crows still in contention for the entire survey period, FIVEaa would have expected to do well, however they slipped just a little – still a 10.6 and #3 overall 10+ is pretty impressive, so probably not too many issues today there.

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