mix94.5 confirm the Straya spirit is alive and well in WA

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mix94.5 tracked down a WA legend who handed in $2,000 in cold hard cash!

Just before Christmas Fremantle WA resident Zim Wither accidently left $2,000 cash in an ATM while attempting to make a quick deposit.

Unfortunately for Zim, the transaction wasn’t complete. But a good Samaritan found the cash in the ATM and handed it into the ANZ branch – ultimately returning a month’s worth of wages to its owner, who had struggled through a tough year financially.

Since then, Zim has been speaking to media outlets to help track down his anonymous money fairy.

On Friday, mix94.5’s Clairsy, Matt & Kymba found the honest champion; Rebecca.

“It was just sitting there. It was just a big wad of money,” she said.

“I didn’t count it or anything. I just took it in.”

Rebecca said she didn’t want anything other than to know the money was now with its rightful owner.

Nice one, Clairsy, Matt & Kymba! You can listen to the segment in full here.

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