Sea FM segment ‘like the Jerry Springer Show’

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Sea FM on the Gold Coast have recently been running a segment called 'Truth Booth – the EX Edition' on the Galey, Matt & Charli breakfast show.

The idea is that a couple who have recently split confront each other and can ask one question to the other that must be answered truthfully. Do it and win tickets to P!nk.

Truth Booth has been used widely across the Today network but yesterday's segment has been slammed by a psychologist.

When exes went on the show the guy apparently demanded that his ex allow their 14 year old daughter to have a DNA test because he believes her real father is his ex's now husband, his former best friend.

Psychologist and Gold Coast Bulletin columnist Ruth Simons said:

"It was like The Jerry Springer Show — the more hideous or horrific it is, the greater the entertainment"

"They might get ratings but they're not thinking about the people who are going to get hurt in the background. There's no thought of the girl. Everyone who knows the family will know who was talking so this child has to live with the fact Mum and Dad are on the radio fighting about who her real father is."

"These discussions should happen behind closed doors, not on breakfast radio."

"I think they're opening up a Pandora's Box when they do these things because you don't know how people are going to react."

"There are so many kids suiciding today and how do you know that little girl isn't as fragile as can be? You don't know how it's going to affect her, let alone how the adults will react after the show."

"They're not taking into account the possible damage they'll cause and all for the sake of ratings and some Pink tickets."

Read more in the Gold Coast Bulletin here.

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