SCA unveils its 2024 regional Breakfast shows for Hit and Triple M Networks


SCA has announced its regional Breakfast show lineup for 2024 across the Hit and Triple M Networks with new shows and new announcers.

SCA Chief Content Officer Dave Cameron says the regional Breakfast show line up for next year on the Hit Network will focus on the super show strategy, with Triple M continuing to double-down on localism with a range of new shows.

“Our new state-based Hit Breakfast shows are an extension of our incredibly successful regional super show strategy for the Hit Network that has been in place for the last few years, now bringing this format to our key provincial markets of the Gold Coast, Newcastle and Hobart which will become the bases of each state super show.”

“In addition, Triple M will retain its hyper local Breakfast show strategy in all regional markets, including launching five new, exciting local Breakfast shows in Townsville, the NSW Central Coast, Hobart, and Bendigo and the Goulburn Valley in Victoria in 2024.

“The distinctive and differentiated strategic approach taken to program the Hit and Triple M networks separately yet entirely complementary of each other allows us to continue to deliver a ‘Proudly National, Fiercely Local’ duopoly position that best serves our listeners, clients and community needs with the strongest music formats, local and national entertainment, sport and news content to all our regional and provincial markets.”

The new shows on the Hit Network include:

The 90.9 Sea FM Breakfast show on the Gold Coast with the new lineup of Danny Lakey and Bronte Langbroek, with a further announcement to come. The show will also broadcast across the Hit Queensland regional markets.

Hit106.9 Newcastle Breakfast with new show Jess & Ducko with Jess Farchione and Nick ‘Ducko’ Ducat, will now also be broadcast across Hit NSW markets, including the Central Coast.

Hit100.9 Hobart Breakfast with Dan & Christie, with Dan Taylor and Christie Hayes, will now also be broadcast across Hit Victoria markets, including Albury.

Hit Western Australia’s Breakfast with Allan & Carly, with Allan Aldworth and Carly Portch, remains the same.

On the Triple M Network, 102.3 Triple M Townsville introduces a new Breakfast show, Cliffo & Kate for Breakfast, with previous Hit Queensland breakfast announcer Guy ‘Cliffo’ Clifton joining local newcomer Kate Jeboult to replace retiring radio legend Steve ‘Pricey’ Price.

Triple M 107.7 Central Coast will also have a new Breakfast show in 2024, Paddy & Maz for Breakfast, with Paddy Gerrard and previous Hit Network Breakfast announcer Maz Compton.

Triple M 93.5 Bendigo gets a new local Breakfast combination, with the Hit Network’s Julia Greenhalf joining local radio legend Bryan Coghlan on Cogho & Jules for Breakfast.

Triple M 95.3 Goulburn Valley will see the Hit Network’s Nick Feain join existing host Josh Arthur for Nick & Josh for Breakfast.

In addition, a new local Triple M Hobart Breakfast show for 2024 will be announced soon.

“SCA’s strong national provincial and regional footprint means we have an amazing depth of talent for our Breakfast shows. It’s great to introduce these new state-based shows with new talent lineups that, for Hit, will bring listeners across Queensland, NSW and Victoria the best of the country’s radio talent,” says SCA Head of Regional Content Blair Woodcock.

The new Breakfast shows will begin on air in January 2024.

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C. Luster
3 Nov 2023 - 12:57 pm

Wow. Some strange line up choices here.
A few former co-hosts have been thrown under a bus or two.

3 Nov 2023 - 1:12 pm

Victoria’s “state-based” breakfast show is from Hobart?

3 Nov 2023 - 1:19 pm

Whenever you think they can’t cut away anymore, surprise! I thought the worst had been done with the big regional brekky redundancies in 2020, guess we were wrong. 1.6 million people in regional Victoria but hey they don’t need a local show, hell apparently now they don’t even need a state based show. They can just have a Tasmanian show.

Braig Cruce
3 Nov 2023 - 2:17 pm

Any comment from “Dave” about how long Triple M will retain its hyper local Breakfast show strategy? You wonder if these blokes lose any sleep at all!

RIP Localism
3 Nov 2023 - 4:51 pm

Dave Cameron: “We’re focusing on local for Triple M. It’s so important.”
Also, Dave Cameron: “Let’s wipe out every single local aspect on Hit, because who cares?”

This man just happened to be in charge when Hamish & Andy was around. Since then, he’s systematically destroyed a once powerful Hit Network. It should be studied how badly he’s fumbled the ball. Regional Victoria breakfast from Tasmania? What the hell is that.

Kaleb Schofield
9 Nov 2023 - 8:18 pm

Interesting to see what happens if weekend breakfast for Hit…. if some new talent will be given a go or just reheated crap on 131060 asking what your dad joke is.

Same for Saturday night’s neglected by programers.

So much potential being culled off.

Finally You don’t know what you’ve got in a local breakfast show till it’s gone.

16 Nov 2023 - 9:08 am

Why Get rid of Rod Palmer wont be listening anymore


See all