Rove warns Jase & PJ ahead of 56-hour on air marathon

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Jase & PJ are known for marathon stunts, but their latest plan is straight up crazy.

Next week the KIIS 101.1 pair will broadcast for 56 hours straight on the air.

They decided to consult with former 2DayFM host Rove McManus – who has provided sage advice for the duo over the years.

“What are you doing! This is not healthy or sane,” said Rove.

Rove was in New Zealand when Jase & PJ did a huge marathon broadcast on ZM, and he told the story of when he arrived back in Australia.

Upon getting back to 2DayFM, he was pitched the idea of breaking their record with 2Day co-host Sam Frost.

“I just went ‘no’… ‘not doing it, bad idea.’.”

Listen below:

Jase & PJ’s 56-hour marathon broadcast will kick off on Wednesday, June 5 from 6am on KIIS 101.1

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2 Jun 2019 - 7:33 am

Yawn. So even more hours of very average kiwi radio who cares. Maybe if they did less hours instead of more it might pick ratings up.

Andrew F
3 Jun 2019 - 10:48 am

No-one listens to them for three hours per day. Who’s going to listen for 56?

3 Jun 2019 - 1:14 pm

KY Package at reception for Richard and Andrew F

3 Jun 2019 - 8:32 pm

Rumour has it ARN big wigs aren’t happy with the results so far. That’s obviously, but the replacement chats have already begun. The old ARN curse. This is a good show but the marketing in Melbounre has been wrong for this show. These two nobody’s (Jase & BJ) would go better at 973 that’s been rebranded Kiss where Labby has some profile, all be it small in Brisbane. Rumours about 973’s show are at the same stage as KIIS Melbourne. Deck chairs on the Titanic. Will and Woody have already pushed the life raft out. Goooonneee!


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