RIP: Warwick Rankin “Wazza the Rock Dog”

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Sad news overnight of the passing of a Triple M legend and one of radio’s true characters.

Warwick Rankin also know as Wazza the Rock Dog has passed away.

He was almost part of the furniture at Triple M Sydney when they were on Level 25 at Bondi. Wazza  worked during the Doug Mulray era in the 80’s into 90’s and 2000’s


Guy Dobson from SCA said: “Wazza had two lives at the Ms. In the 80s as the barking traffic girl and in the 90s and 2000s as Wazza the rock dog. He was Triple M at Bondi Junctions heart and soul. Crazy , supersmart , astute , abrasive and fun. He was also a man with a great heart who won people over with his kindness. One of radios true characters. The world will miss him.”


Robbie Wood got in contact to let us know us that after Wazza left Triple M Sydney he worked at the Fertherdale Wild Park, later moving to Rydal, which is West of Lithgow. 

"How's this for a small world. My brother is a principle at a little public school called Meadow Flat and Wazza befriended a family who worked at Fertherdale Wild Park. Most afternoons he would pick up the kids from the school of the family who he befriended. He also helped out at the school as groundsman."

Here is one of the last known photographs of Wazza as grounds keeper at Meadow Flat Public School.


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