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For the past week we've been telling you about how you can win your own brand spankers new 32GB iPAD.

And if you heard our liner from flashlog last week from Graeme Staines, you'd know that it's very easy to get your own personal Totes Amazeball. 

After days of wrangling with legals, the promo from Graeme Staines is ready for airplay, have a listen below:

As always our thanks to Graeme's faithful panel operator and production genius, Jeff Neilsen. 

So back to the free iPAD. So to summarise, here's how it works:

You need to subscribe to Radio Today's free email (here), making sure you opt-in to receive our newsletter, and you'll get a specially numbered imaginary Radio Today "Totes Amazeball" allocated to you (photo at right is indicative only).

On Monday 2 July we'll stick our hand into the Radio Today giant Totes Amazeballsack and draw out a specially numbered imaginary Radio Today "Totes Amazeball".

If it's yours, you win a fully tricked up you beaut brand new 32GB Wi-Fi and Cellular enabled iPad *

* Which is another way of saying "all email subscribers will go in the draw and on July 2nd one will win an iPad 2". You know how theatre-of-the-mind works, folks.

** Oh and if you're already registered with Radio Today, and have opted in for emails, you're automatically in the draw, so all good sparky.

*** The email address has to be a working functional one.

Check out the t's & c's here if you're into the fine print.


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