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With the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics earlier today, here's what some radio people had to say about it…

Dave Williams


I want one of those winged bikes to fly to work. Genius #olympicceremony

Paul Murray


I'm looking forward to seeing Ewan McGregor bringing the Olympic flame into the stadium through a giant toilet. #DannyBoyle #London2012



Hey Jude!?!? Right I'm out. #London2012

Paul Hogan ‏


“@DangerousDaveW: Entertaining & educational. googling countries I never knew existed! #openingceremony” I think it's pronounced 'France'



Nova 100's Hughesy, who is currently in Montreal on a stand up tour, kicked in these few…

Dave Hughes


Can they slow the #OpeningCeremony down. I can't keep up.

Dave Hughes


I gotta go do something, will be back in 5 hrs to catch the end of it. #2012OlympicOpeningCeremony

Dave Hughes


The girls with the nation signs look like their recovering from spinal injuries. #2012OlympicCeremo


Lehmo from Gold 104.3 in Melbourne tweeted these 2…

lehmo ‏


Did the queen fly into the stadium like Nikki Webster? #london2012

lehmo ‏


Welcome to the first ever twitter assisted games. I hope you are all ready to tweet the shit out of the next 2 weeks #london2012


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