“Anyone who goes on Twitter & cops abuse can’t whinge”

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On Triple M Sydney's 'The Grill Team' this morning, Matty Johns has called for players to be banned from Twitter.

He also voiced his opinion on Trolls.

Johns said…

"Anyone who goes on Twitter & cops abuse can't whinge because that's the territory…..you get on Twitter, you know what you're in for."

On banning players he said…

"If I was the boss of an AFL club or a rugby league club….I would ban my people, my players from using Twitter. I would ban them outright. I don't see any upside in it whatsoever. I see it as nothing more than a distraction."

Hear the full discussion on Twitter…

or hear it here


Triple M's Spoonman also devoted 2 rants yesterday to the 'Stop The Trolls' Twitter campaign. Hear them here.




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